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Family Visit December 2013

Fixer UpperEarly LeaperConcentration FaceTube ExplorerMoving ForwardMeeting the Clown
Happy Little GuySilly BuddySecret Agent 003Rocket BoyChecking Things OutThe Gryphon, KFP and RMD
Me, KFP and a ClownBig Gloves, Small HandsArt TimeDouble-Handed DrawingLittle HelperHappy Family
Riding on Daddy's ShouldersPlaying a Dr.Seuss GameBirthday DinnerNutcracker SceneWinter FriendsToddler Chef

Family Visit December 2013, a set on Flickr.

We stayed for a few days after Christmas with my family, taking the kids to a McDonald's playground on Thursday and then an even bigger indoor playground on Friday. They had a blast! There are more photos in the album than are shown here. Click on the album link to see them all.

Tags: christmas, dad, family, gryphon, holidays, kung fu panda, littlest niece, mom, photos, sister, sister's husband

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