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Reminder: Votes Needed in Video Contest

I posted about this earlier in the week, and I still need support.

I am competing in a video contest about early childhood education, in the parenting/caregivers category. While a judging panel will award top prizes based on adhering to a set of criteria, they will also award a special prize for the top vote getter. Here's the video in question, embedded to make things easier for everyone.

To vote for me, follow the link below and click the box at the upper right-hand corner of the preview box for my video (the still shows KFP with two puppets). NOTE: Selecting LIKE for the page does NOT count as a vote for me.

In case that's confusing, I've also uploaded an image that shows you exactly where to click:

Video voting page

Thanks in advance! Winning this prize would help us pay for my son's preschool tuition for the rest of the year!

Please boost the signal using the buttons below.

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