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I'm too busy today preparing for tonight's poetry reading to do a full write-up of Saturday at Otakon. Instead, I'll share some previously unseen pics from Thursday and Friday.

Hopefully, my efforts to save my voice my talking only sparingly over the last day and a half will enable me to actually give the reading tonight. As usual, I came back from Otakon with a hoarse voice. Wish me luck!

The Mad Hatter (Click to enlarge)

The Mad Hatter, ready for action on Thursday

Line in Con Ops (Click to enlarge)

Staffers queue up to register on Thursday evening

Con Chair (Click to enlarge)

The basket of our Con Chair, Hellbuny's, scooter

Concert Lights (Click to enlarge)

The audience at the JAM Project concert Friday night, lit by stage lights

Bear Dance (Click to enlarge)

An impromptu dance line in the Pratt Street Lobby late Friday night

Otakon offers plenty of funny little moments.

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