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You Might Be a Fan If...

I got this from ladyivy:

First, read "You Might Be a Fan If." Then feel free to post which ones apply to you.
Here are the ones that apply to me:

You have more than one pet named after favorite characters.
Well, my cat is named after Luke Skywalker, but I didn't name him, so I'm not sure this counts. Una is sort of named after the last wife of my favorite silent film star, Charlie Chaplin, who lived out his twilight years with Oona O'Neill (daughter of Eugene O'Neill).

You oppose torture but would gladly put to the rack people who post spoilers.
That's hardly good enough, IMHO.

You are incapable of hearing, reading or speaking the word "inconceivable" without quoting "The Princess Bride."
My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die!

You may have one reality show guilty secret, but your true love is Mythbusters.
Actually, I love both. New season of Project Runway is running now. Woo!

When you were little, you wanted to marry Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, or Carrie Fisher. You'd still totally do any of them.
Strangely, no. But Christopher Reeves, yes!

You have ever tried to explain furries to someone.
This is the sort of conversation that usually trails off as the person I'm speaking to blinks silently.

You met most of your close friends online or through other fannish friends. The friends you didn't meet that way are being shown the good parts of the lousy '80s series.
I met most of my close friends through the Penn State Monty Python Society. I started dating my husband after we hit it off while working Otakon 2003. Surely, that must count!

You can't help but think LEGO anything is automatically more cool.
My brother and I used to make LEGO space ships, "fly" around the house with them and annoy the family dog.

You get really pissed off when you find out someone else has already taken your preferred username when you sign onto a new journaling system, BBS or webmail site.
That's never happened with my chosen handle, shantipoet, but when another alycewilson signs up anywhere first, I fume.

You wish life came with an LJ-cut feature.
And a fast-forward button. And TiVo.

You eat Pocky, Jelly Babies, and other foods introduced to you by television, (and I don't mean ads).
Usually only at Otakon events, though. Wait, that in itself is fannish.

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