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Last Hours to Help KFP Win Duplo Sets (and Possibly Get Some Yourself)

A couple months ago, KFP made a really cool Duplo creation he called "The Cleaning Robot." I cobbled together still photos and video of that creation to enter the Duplo video contest. If he's one of the top three vote getters this week, he will win 5 Duplo sets, or about $150 worth. And cooler still, if you click on the link below and "like" his video, you can opt into entering for a chance to win some Duplo gear yourself. If you don't have little ones, it makes a terrific gift.

Here's the link:

The votes are tallied for the entire week, ending Sunday, so try to vote tonight. He's really close to the top and only about 10 or 15 more votes can put him comfortably in third place.

Please boost the signal!

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