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Help KFP Get to Legoland & You Can Win DUPLO Sets!

This is the final week of the DUPLO "How Do You Play?" competition, and I've submitted my third and final video featuring my son, Kung Fu Panda. If you vote for me, you can win, too!

Please stop by our contest page and "like" our newest video, "DUPLO City." If you haven't already voted for "Cleaning Robot" and "Master Builder," it wouldn't hurt to "like" them, as well.

If it's your first time voting, you'll be prompted to fill out your contact information for a chance to win some DUPLO sets yourself (you don't have to provide your contact info to vote, but you do have to be logged into Facebook). If you're a return voter, you will not be prompted for your contact info (but will presumably be entered for a new chance to win). Make sure to "like" the video itself and not just the page.

The top three vote getters this week will receive 5 DUPLO sets and a chance to compete to win a trip to LEGOLAND for four. In addition, three randomly-selected voters will also win 5 DUPLO sets!

I've viewed the other videos, and even some of the previous weeks' winners, and KFP definitely deserves to at least receive some DUPLO sets. He is a true "master builder," creating things from his own imagination that go beyond the box instructions and take things to a completely new level. It's not his creativity that's lacking, I believe; it's my lack of promotion. So I'm going to make a real push this week to get him the recognition he deserves and help him to make his DUPLO playtime even more fun.

After you've "liked" the video, please share this post to boost the signal. Share it with anyone who has small children and would like a chance to win DUPLO!

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