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Snowy Decor

Realizing that we're only a week away from Christmas, I finally made a point of hanging the Christmas decorations I'd bought a little while ago for our front porch.

The decorations are simple, and they do not involve lights, because I didn't want us to have to pay for extra electricity. I also didn't want to worry about how to hang them. Rather, I picked up primarily paper decorations, as well as some gel decorations of a snow man and the words "Happy Holidays," designed to stick to the window.

Decorations in packages (Click to enlarge)

Because there were so many snowflakes, the whole process took about a half hour, but the porch is decidedly more festive now. Here are some photos of the results.

Candy cane decoration (Click to enlarge)

Snowman happy holidays (Click to enlarge)

Snowman with snowflakes (Click to enlarge)

It's not enough to purchase the decorations; you have to put them up.

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