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'America's Got Talent' Recap: Top 48 Announced

The second night of Judgment Week performances from Season 9 of "America's Got Talent" moved on to new categories. At the end, the acts learned who would move on to the live shows.

Kids' acts were next, starting with precocious pianist Adrian Romoff, who played a selection from "American in Paris," I believe. In the wings, his mother was in tears. The other kids watching on a TV backstage applauded. Howard Stern said, "I love that kid." Howie Mandel asked if a kid prodigy was enough to win.

Byamba's Contortion Girls performed to "Under the Sea" from Disney's "Little Mermaid" movie. They were good at what they did, but Howard and Mel B. agreed the performance was "a bit flat."

Carter and Anika, ballroom dancers, and Kaycee and Gabe, another young dance duo, performed very different styles. Kaycee and Gabe danced a combination of hip-hop and jazz moves. Howie thought Gabe was better than Kaycee and that they weren't performing as a team. Carter and Anika's ballroom involved clear synchronization, as expected. But Howard didn't feel they'd done better than the first audition.

Next were Musical Groups. Taking the stage first were The Willis Clan, a large family who perform together. They played a country version of "Fireflies," which had a lot of charm.

Then were Beach Avenue, playing another original song. The song was good but maybe not as exciting as the first one, and the judges seemed split.

Brother act Kiernan and Finian Makepeace also did an original, and it was a little uneven but catchy.

Jonah Smith, whose band was his hope to a better life, learned just before they were about to perform that their drummer couldn't make it. Commercial break.

Sons of Serendip performed a beautiful version of Bonnie Raitt's "I Can't Make You Love Me."

Livy, Matt and Sammy played a folky rendition of "Hey Ya" by Outkast which was a lot of fun to listen to.

Then Jonah Smith's band, who had picked up a new drummer on the fly, performed an Eric Clapton song, "Can't Find My Way Home." It was bluesy, dragged a bit, but showed potential.

Next was Variety. Dustin's Dojo, the comedy martial arts team, continued with their wacky demonstrations.

Bob Markworth and Mayana did their act again with the precision archery. It appeared he had a few missteps this time, with a playing card that didn't quite cut in half.

Top Hogs was back, with the smart pig, Mudslinger, this time doing math. He made a mistake, though, and picked the wrong cup.

Emmanuel and Phillip, the Hudson Brothers, had done a very silly song last time in drag. This time, they wore church robes and were singing about hypocritical church folks. Unfortunately, this performance fell flat.

Finally, Flight Crew Jump Rope did several impressive tricks with jump rope.

Then were Male Singers. Frank Dimitri, a Frank Sinatra imitator, was very confident and demonstrated a smooth voice. Howard said this category would prove to be very impressive.

Jaycob Curlee did a sweet version of Tom Petty's "Freefalling." Then Justin Rhodes, at the piano, played "Only Human," putting a lot of feeling into it but rushing it a little bit.

Sal Gonzalez, a veteran who works with the Wounded Warrior Project, did the Lynyrd Skynyrd song, "Simple Man," admitting that the lack of a crowd made him nervous. Howie wondered if it was just the room. Mel B. observed the male singers were "crumbling a little bit."

Miguel Dakota, who has been working construction jobs to make a living, did an acoustic version of the Kanye West song "Heartless" which was compelling. Mel B. liked that he was emotionally connected to the song, but Howard said he didn't like the song.

Paul Ieti, who is from American Samoa, sat on a stool and sang the Rascal Flatts song, "Bless the Broken Road," which was a good choice for him, helping him tap into his emotions about not being able to afford to visit his parents. Heidi Klum felt he was "so good," but Howie reminded her, "But we don't have a slot for everybody." Mel B. asked Nick Canon to bring Paul back in to speak to the judges. After a long preamble, she told him they were putting him through to the live shows in Radio City Music Hall. He welled up with tears and immediately called his mom to tell her.

Up next were the Dance Groups. Leading off were the Bad Boys of Ballet, who combine some ballet moves with hip-hop and acrobatics. Other dancers, watching backstage, said their timing was perfect. Howie said, "I actually liked them."

The salsa dance group Baila Conmingo was next. A dance troupe incorporating ages from very young to adult performed a choreographed routine that involved some tricks. One dancer fell during one flip, and Mel B. called them out on that.

Tic & Tac Entertainment were street dancers who wanted to move from "the streets to the balcony seats." They combined dance moves with acrobatics and tricks. Heidi liked them.

Jasmine Flowers, who dance with fans, made some beautiful patterns, but Howard questioned whether they would always be the same.

The judges called back Baila Conmingo for their verdict: they were going to Radio City Music Hall. The group celebrated, with the children cheering.

Then were the Acrobatic groups. AcroArmy combined hand balancing and acrobatics with contemporary dance, choreographed by a Season 1 competitor of AGT.

The XPogo Stunt Team did their performances, this time incorporating some fire, which went out while they were jumping. Howie called them on it, and one guy admitted, "That was a bit of a problem." Heidi said she still liked them.

Richard and Ashlee are ballet dancers turned circus artists. They did an act that combined strength and grace. Sadly, they had a bad dismount that they admitted was a mistake.

Christian Stoinev, a hand balancer, had been hiding a surprise in his bag that the other acts were curious about. It was an adorable dog that walked on his shoulders and also climbed over him while he did somersaults. Adorable. He lifted it on his feet at the end, while doing a handstand. So cute!

After a commercial break, it was time for the judges to deliberate. Howard called it "the toughest part."

After the break, the following acts were shown being put through: Acro Army, Sean and Luke, Jasmine Flower, Dragon House, Jaycob Curlee, Miguel Dakota, Adrian Romoff, Sons of Serendip, The Willis Clan, Christian Stoinev, Flight Crew Jump Rope, Loop Rawlins, JD Anderson, Juan Carlos, Julia Goodwin, Kieran and Finian MakePeace, Livy Matt and Sammy, Wendy Liebman, Darik Santos, Mat Franco, Anna Clendening, Emily West, Kelli Glover, Paul Ieti, Baila Conmigo.

Performing next week will be: Miguel Dakota, Flight Crew Jump Rope, Julia Goodwin, Jasmine Flowers, Emily West, Dan Naturman, The Willis Clan, Sean and Luke, Baila Connmigo, J.D. Anderson, Valo & Bobby, David & Leeman.

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