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"America's Got Talent" Recap: On to the Semifinals

The remaining acts from the Top 48 of Season 9 of "America's Got Talent" learned their fate last night.

• After a recap of the performances and a commercial break, we learned that one of the dancers from Extreme, I believe, just got engaged to be married! Host Nick Cannon showed the video.

• First down for results were Emil and Dariel, Dom the Bomb's Triple Threat and Extreme. The act going through, Nick announced, was... cellists Emil and Dariel. This means their grandfather will be joining them onstage in the semifinals. When Nick asked Mel B. to give them advice, she didn't have much to offer except to keep doing what they do.

• Next, the Bad Boys of Ballet and Jonah Smith came forward to hear their results. Nick asked Heidi Klum to predict who would go through. She said they are two completely different acts, but she liked both of them. The act moving on to the semifinals was Jonah Smith. Not really a surprise, given the judges' negative comments the night before about the dance group. Asked to comment, Howard Stern called him "the real deal." His one piece of advice was to stick with classic rock.

• Then, he brought forward Quintavious Johnson and Mothmen Dance. The next act moving forward, Nick announced, was Quintavious Johnson. Bad night for dance groups.

• Last year's runner-up, comedian Taylor Williamson, did a set. It was a little weak compared to what he was coming up with last year. He started with too many books about being bitter about losing, which made him sound like a sore loser, very different from the likeable/goofy personality he'd cultivated last year.

• After another break, three magicians, called "The Illusionists," did an act that included interacting with video screens. Another act seemed to saw a guy in half and have both halves still moving independently. Just mesmerizing and very cool.

• Back to the results. Jonatan Riquelme, the balancing act, and sleight-of-hand magician Smoothini stepped up next. Howard gave them advice if they went through. He told Smoothini to make the act bigger and Jonatan Riquelme to change it up. Nick revealed the act moving on would be Smoothini, somewhat surprisingly, given how unimpressed the judges had been with his act the previous night.

• Finally, it came down to One Voice Children's Chorus, singer Kelli Glover and contortionistNina Burri. The act who would be cut at this stage, Nick revealed, was Nina Burri. This meant the judges would have to choose between the choir and the singer.

• The judges deliberated over a commercial break. Then Mel B. bewailed the need to choose. She went with Kelli. Howard made the decision based on who he believed could make a comeback after a stumble. He also went with Kelli. Howie liked the message that Kelli brought with her, to never give up. He also voted for her, making her the act going through, without needing to hear Heidi's vote. She got her wish to finally make it higher in a reality TV competition. Whether or not she advances further has a lot to do with her song choice and how she performs.

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