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75 Questions

A couple of my friends who keep LiveJournals have been passing around a set of questions. There were two sets, one of which had 30-some questions, and the other of which had 80-some.

Having nothing better to write today, I've combined both lists of questions and will answer the ones I think are particularly interesting.

So here goes.

1. Can you cook?
I can cook, although I didn't for many years, especially when I was single. Since last Christmas, I've made it a point to cook homemade dinners for me and The Gryphon.

2. What was your dream, growing up?
I always wanted to be a writer, although I had brief flirtations with other professions, including a teacher and an architect (mostly because of The Brady Bunch.)

3. What's your favorite drink?
Currently, I just enjoy a good wine.

4. What's your favorite vegetable?
I love almost all types of veggies. Among my favorites are corn, acorn squash and yams.

5. What was the last book you read?
I'm currently reading Bad-Ass Faeries, edited by Danielle Ackley-McPhail, L. Jagi Lamplighter, Lee Hillman and Jeff Lyman. Before that, it was a book to review for Wild Violet.

6. What zodiac sign are you?
I'm a Virgo, which should surprise no one.

7. Any tattoos and/or piercings?
No tattoos, although in my hippy days I considered getting an armband. I'm glad I didn't, because I've lost a lot of weight since then and am not sure how it would look. My ears are pierced twice, though I rarely wear more than one set anymore.

8. What's your worst habit?

9. What was the worst thing that ever happened to you?
From all my life experiences, I've learned and grown. However, the point in my life when I was most depressed was following the break-up of my first marriage.

10. What's a weird fact about you?
I don't know how weird this is, but I've always been around cats and dogs, so it wasn't until I left for college and was away from them that I realized I'm allergic to them!

11. Do you think clowns are cute or scary?
Both. I don't particularly like clowns, but my mom does. She and my dad used to do clowning through a charity organization, performing for children's hospitals and mental hospitals. So I have mixed feelings about them. My parents are cute as clowns.

12. If you could change one thing about how you look, what would it be?
Generally, I'm pretty happy with how I look. If anything, I'd trim my hips and thighs. I happen to have a great exercise tape for that and am seeing results!

13. What color eyes do you have?

14. Bottle or draft?
I don't care, as long as it's good beer. Otherwise, I won't bother drinking it.

15. If you won $10,000 today, what would you do with it?
First, I would pay off my credit cards. With the remainder, I would invest in my career, in terms of software, materials, license fees, et cetera.

16. Do you believe in ghosts?
My family has had a lot of paranormal experiences, so yes.

17. What's your favorite thing to do in your spare time?
Work on creative projects, write, read, watch movies, listen to music, walk my dog.

18. What's your biggest pet peeve?
Two: grammatical errors and rude, obnoxious people. These two often coincide.

19. In one word, how would you describe yourself?

20. Do you believe in/appreciate romance?
For many years after my divorce, I didn't, but The Gryphon helped me to believe.

21. What holidays do you celebrate?
Pretty much all of the typical American holidays.

22. Name a movie you like that no one else has heard of.
One of my guilty pleasures is the movie Vampire's Kiss starring Nicolas Cage. My brother and I found it hilarious, but I've tried sharing it with others, only to be met with blank stares. This doesn't stop me from occasionally lamenting, "Oh, no! The sun!" The Gryphon and I also loved the Japanese film, Survive Style 5+. And a local filmmaker did a great documentary on his comedian sister, who died of cancer, called Judy Toll: The Funniest Woman You've Never Heard of. And Greg Pak's SF film Robot Stories is worth watching.

23. What song can you sing all the words to without playing the song?
"Rock 'N' Roll Suicide" and "Five Years" by David Bowie.

24. Who are the most talented actors and actresses?
Restricting it to those working today, I'd say Johnny Depp, John Cusack, John Malkovich, Tom Hanks, Will Smith (yes, really!), Denzel Washington, Jack Nicholson, Cate Blanchett, Kate Winslet, Emma Thompson, Meryl Streep, Uma Thurman, Reese Witherspoon, Parker Posey, Scarlett Johansson, Cameron Diaz (in comedies).

25. Have you ever gone by a shortened version of your name?
My mom calls me Allie. No one else is allowed to.

26. What is your favorite Beatles song?
I like "Hey Jude" awfully much. But who doesn't?

27. Any young children in your family?
My niece and nephew.

28. Do you know HTML and CSS codes by heart?
I know a fair amount of HTML. I use CSS codes for Wild Violet but not from memory.

29. Do you have a calendar in your room?
A planner on my desk.

30. How old were your parents when they met?
They met their freshman year in college, so about 17 or 18.

31. What's your age?
I'm 37.

32. What's your birth stone?

33. What directors do you like?
Tim Burton is a particular favorite. I also like some of Chris Columbus' movies, along with Rob Reiner, Frank Oz, Peter Jackson and Penny Marshall.

34. What was the best concert you've ever been to?
The one that made the most impact on me was when I saw The Mamas and the Papas, Don McLean and Jan and Dean at a county fair with my family. I was about 12 or 13, and I savored that experience for years, especially getting to meet Jan and Dean afterwards.

35. What countries have you been in?
The United States, Canada and Great Britain.

36. What one career do you think is overrated?
We treat professional sports players like gods, but with recent developments, that may be about to change.

37. If you were to run for president, what would your political stance be?
Don't elect me, because I have absolutely no experience. When I vote for a president, I will vote for someone with thoughtful answers about our country's problems, not someone who's just looking to gain easy political points.

38. What's your party affiliation?
I vote for whoever I feel are the best candidates, who are frequently Democrats.

39. Do you live in the South?
No, but my paternal grandmother spent a good part of her life in Northern Virginia.

40. What physical traits do you find attractive in the preferred sex?
I have to preface this by the fact that I find personality far more attractive than physical traits. Namely, I value intellectual prowess, a sense of humor, kindness and gentility. As far as physical traits, I've always had a fondness for guys with prematurely gray hair.

41. What do you think is your generation's biggest downfall?
Lack of direction.

42. Do you know the significance of the number 42?
Yes, it's the answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe and Everything. No one, however, knows the question.

43. Are you more apathetic or passionate?
Neither. I'm a Virgo, so I tend to reason things out.

44. Do you care about politics at all?
Yes, I do. I think we've got to get beyond our differences and work for a better combined future.

45. What's one fruit you refuse to eat?
I'm not overly fond of lychees.

46. Was the last book you read for educational purposes?
No. It was for Wild Violet, however.

47. What was the last thing you bought for someone else?
I've been buying Christmas presents.

48. When was the last time you washed windows?
When I moved a couple years ago.

49. Did you ever have a maid, butler or housekeeper?
Yes, when I lived in that mansion... no, not really.

50. What is your favorite physical activity?

51. Mountains, beach, country, city or suburbs?
In my time, I have loved them all.

52. Do any of your friends go by a weird nickname?
Well, they all do in my online journal.

53. Can you count in any other languages?
French and Spanish.

54. What color shirt are you wearing?
This morning, it was red. Right now, teal and brown.

55. Do you usually wear layers?
But of course!

56. What theme is your bedroom?
The landlord painted it peach, so we decorated with earthtones and pastels.

57. Do you save high school notes from your friends?
I do. In fact, I have a plastic storage bin containing correspondence dating back to childhood.

58. Do your friends of different religious affiliations ever try to convert you?
Not currently. I lost a high-school friend who became a born-again Christian and stopped talking to me when I ignored his pleas to convert.

59. Do you walk quickly?
Yes. I'm usually in a hurry. Plus, it's good exercise.

60. Do you notice when people don't use apostrophes?
Yes, and just about every other grammatical error. I usually refrain from saying anything about it; rather, I fume silently.

61. What are your plans for the upcoming summer?
What, are you 12? I'll be working, though I might take some long weekend trips with The Gryphon.

62. Which celebrity is closest to your fashion choices?
At one time I would have said Diane Keaton, but I'm past that stage. Then there was the Stevie Nicks stage (frightening!). Currently, I'd say Tina Fey.

63. Do you like Britney Spears's new music?
I'm not a fan of anything by Ms. Spears.

64. Are you better at science or math?
I got good grades at both in school, but I didn't choose to pursue either as a career.

65. Do you do well on standardized tests?
I am really beginning to suspect this list was put together by high-schoolers. Yes, I do very well at them. Hate them, but I do well on them.

66. What time did you wake up today?
Woke up initially at 8:30. Went back to sleep. Got up at 9.

67. Are you tired?
A little. I'm due for my15-minute afternoon nap. Don't laugh: I work in the evenings.

68. Have you thrown up this month?
No, thank goodness, because that would indicate I was in the grip of a terrible migraine. Those are bad days.

69. What's in your purse/wallet?
I'm currently walking the dog, so right now, just my keys, my cell phone, some plastic bags, dog treats and pepper spray.

69. Do you have any messages on your voicemail?
My cell phone, no. My answering machine, yes.

70. What musicals, if any, do you like?
Most of them, although I didn't like Rose-Marie.

71. Do you have any inside jokes with coworkers?
I work at home, so I have inside jokes with my pets.

72. Are you germophobic?
Not really, but I don't like dirty kitchens.

73. If you've ever worked in retail, when handing back change, do you count backwards for them or just tell them what their change is?
I just told them what their change was.

74. Ever take a keyboarding class?
No, but I did teach myself to type from a book my grandfather gave me when I was a teenager.

75. What are you good at writing?
I have a master's degree that says I'm good at writing poetry. I also like to think I'm good at humor and non-fiction.

Many of these personal questionnaires are written by teenagers.

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