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American Idol Recap: San Francisco Sings Out

Here is my recap from last night's show. Just a warning: I may not be able to get my recap for tonight's show done until sometime this weekend, due to a super-full schedule!

• "American Idol" Season 14 auditions continued in San Francisco. First up was Katherine Skinner, 15, who was advised to audition by her psychic cat. She had an oversized faux fur coat and orange leggings. She also lied and said that Bowie had given her the coat when they hung out together in the laste '70s. She sang a song by Florence + the Machine, with piano accompaniment and was surprisingly good, given her over-the-top presentation. Jennifer Lopez called her talented but "cray." She said she's made for a stage, but whetehr it's "American Idol" or not, she wasn't sure. Harry Connick Jr. liked that she was so interesting and talented. Keith Urban called her "bold and fearless." Three yeses and a Golden Ticket to the Hollywood rounds.
• Next was a montage featuring just a hint of three different auditions: Erika David, 25; Chandler Leighton, 20; and Ryan Pinkston, 27. All three moved on to Hollywood.
• Andrew Bloom, 17, was there with his mom and friend, an Olympic silver medalist, Ryan Bailey. Harry told him he looks like Tim Tebow. He accompanied himself on guitar, performing the Alex Clare song "Too Close," wearing a light chambray shirt and dark pants, with a brown buzz cut. Keith thought his passion came through. Jennifer praised his attack and said he had what it needs to be a performer. Harry cautioned him about the blues licks, saying people would knock him for that, but adding "you're a really entertaining guy." Three yeses. Harry asked him to bring in his buddy so that Harry could race him! No contest, of course; Ryan won by a mile.
• Kellyeann Rodgers, 24, was in mid-audition as we came back from a commercial break, very controlled, wearing red leggings, a black leather jacket, and bright lipstick. They gave her a Golden Ticket. Then she couldn't find her way back out, repeatedly trying the wrong doors. Following her exit was a montage of other contestants having trouble leaving.
• Reno Anoa'i, 16, is Samoan from a very large family, many of whom lived together at one time. He learned to play the ukelele from his grandfather, and his family were there to support him. He wore a necklace made by his grandfather, who's passed away. Wearing a tan striped button-down shirt with a black bow tie and mauve pants, he sang "I Don't Want to Talk About It" by Rod Stewart, accompanying himself on ukelele. Very lilting and sweet. Both Keith and Jennifer praised his voice, and Jennifer liked that he was believable. She advised him to put more focus on telling a story. Harry said he has a great voice, but "American Idol" is more than that. After the critique, they all said yes and put him through. His family came in to celebrate with him.
• Samuel Prince, is from Puerto Rico. He bowed to Jennifer as a queen of Puerto Rico. He asked the judges to come up on stage for a little acting scene. They played along, complete with a giant backslap from Jennifer at the end. His vocals were decent but not super. Harry told him so. Jennifer thought he had a very theatrical quality but didn't need to hear more. Keith agreed, so it was a no.
• Then was a montage of others who didn't get through: Michael Sequeira; Luke Randall, 23; Sade Shine, 28.
• Rayvon Owen, 23, was dressed in a very '80s look, with a buttoned up short-sleeved white shirt with jade-colored sleeves and a flat black hat. His audition of "Cloud Nine," accompanied by piano, was very soulful. Keith was a little bothered by the fact that he was smiling during a sad song but found it lovely. Jennifer also liked it. Harry praised him for being able to just stand still and sing. Three yeses.
• Ezekiel Cardenas and Jeremiah Cardenas are twins, showing up in identical black T-shirts, flat brown hats, and bleached blonde bangs. Unfortunately, their audition just wasn't up to par, with a lot of problems with the guitar playing and tuneless singing from the other brother. It was a no.
• Maddy Hudson, 16, a long-haired brunette in a floral dress who seemed older than her years, was there with her mother. She had a big voice and a very sad look as she sang a love song about betrayal. Jennifer said she was with her, praising her emotional connection. She'd gotten "goosies." Keith "heard and felt every bit of it." Harry told her she had all the ingredients to be a superstar. Three yeses.
• Tonight, auditions continue in San Francisco.
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