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Big Project Finally Done!

As part of my non-resolution this year, I promised myself that I would celebrate all of my achievements, both small and large, instead of setting my sights on specific goals that might be unrealistic. Well, last night, I chalked up a major achievement: I finally finished a massive editing/formatting project for an Elance client, consisting of editing and designing print and ebook versions of six separate short children's books. The project took me way longer than I'd originally projected, and I'm not even sure I'll still get paid, but being able to cross that albatross off my "to do" list frees me up to both search for more freelance work and to concentrate on my own projects.

Next order of business is to finish a transcription job for a friend's doctoral thesis. After that, I'll probably resume work on my long-shelved work in progress, a collection of essays and poetry about parenting, with the working title "Now with Kung Fu Action Grip."

Poll #1997715 Work in Progress Title

What do you think of the title "Now with Kung Fu Action Grip" for a collection of essays and poetry about parenting, and about my son, nicknamed Kung Fu Panda, in particular?

Love it!
It's OK.
Can't you come up with something else?

Any other possible title suggestions?

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