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American Idol Recap: Group Drama, Part 2

Here's my recap from last night's episode.

• The Group Round of Hollywood Week for Season 14 of "American Idol" continued Wednesday, starting off with Sal's group, which had been troubled, as Alexis had collapsed as she was brought onstage. Only Jax and Alexis continued from the group, much to Alexis's surprise.
• Some other contestants were also under the weather, including Emily Brooke, who had food poisoning, forcing her group members to figure out a plan, should she not be able to perform. Onstage, she didn't seem that bad. Her fellow group members included Riley Bria, Keri Lynn Roche and a guy whose name didn't appear in the graphics. All four made it through.
• The next group all went to college together and were already buddies: Cody Fry; Rayvon Owen; Piper Jones; and another female. They did a mellow version of "Since You've Been Gone," along with some showboating. Harry Connick Jr. thought their arrangement of it was very smart, because it allowed them to focus on the melody. It was his favorite of the day. All of them were going through.
• Tiffany Stringer was singing as the show came back from commercial. Her group, Team Yup, were all cut. One of them objected to that, because he said he's a solo performer, not a group performer.
• Vital Signs was an all-girl group: Adanna Duru; Cindy Maslov; Denise Natoli; Camille Petrino (ph). They sang "I Want You Back." A lot of it seemed strained. Harry said the judges would have to spend some time thinking about it. Jennifer Lopez had Cindy and Adanna step forward and told them they were going through. The other two were cut.
• An all-star group of outstanding guys was next, doing the One Direction song "Story of My Life": Trevor Douglas; Qaasim Middleton; Daniel Seavey; Savion Wright. Of all of them, Savion shone the most. Travor did a little beat boxing, and they were all confident and good. Their name was LKYCO (Ladies, Keep Your Clothes On). Jennifer found much of it beautiful. She tried to fake them out by saying it was really hard to deliver these decisions, but they all made it through.
• Hollywood Anderson spent a lot of time flirting with the girls instead of practicing, it seemed. Team No Sleep consisted of him and four women, and while he was supposed to be the captain, one of them took over when he wasn't measuring up. She also clashed with some other team members.
• Alexis Gomez; and Loren Lott were also highlighted in their respective groups, as well as Quentin Alexander, in a different group. All three made it to the next round.
• Next was Team No Sleep. In addition to Hollywood, it included Laurel Taylor Taunton; Amber Kelechi; and two other women, doing "Grenade." Jennifer thought there were some powerful moments, but Keith Urban thought that the group didn't necessarily sing well togehter. Hollywood and Monica were going through. Amber and Laurel were cut.
• Then were Lovey James; Kory Wheeler; Jess Lamb; and a fourth member, singing "All About the Bass" in amazing harmony. Keith asked Kory and Carla to step forward and told them it was the end of the line. Lovey and Jess would advance.
• In another group, Rocky Peter and Rich had disagreed with each other all night long, resulting in a very rough performance with the vocal coaches in the morning. Rocky's Crew consisted of Tanya MacKenna; Rocky; and two other guys. Harry asked them who picked the song. Rocky told them it was Ricky. Jennifer told them the judges were going to go with their gut on who should advance. They kept Tanya and sent the others home. This was followed by a montage of other people who were cut.
• After trying to leave the group (and spending a lot of time grousing about them to other contestants), Heatherle Spires was forced to sing with them anyway, as they did "Grenade." Also in the group were Erika David; Sarina-Joi Crowe and Adrianna Simon. No idea why she didn't want to sing with them. Despite Adrianna being a little off, the group worked well together. Maybe she was worried she wouldn't stand out compared to Sarina-Joi? Keith asked Sarina-Joi and Adrianna to step forward, then Erika. He put those three through and cut Heatherle. She was in tears, understandably.
• Next were Mark Andrew; Vanessa Andrea; Katherine Winston; and Alex Shier. Both Katherine and Alex were behind the beat. Mark was very professional and seemed to be leading them on the harmonies. Harry asked Alex, Mark and Katherine to step forward, telling them they were going through. Vanessa was cut.
• This led to a montage of contestants who were saddened by their group members being cut.
• Then we heard a group including Jackie Nese; Maddie Walker; and two others. Jackie was sent home, and the others went through.
• Blind country singer Garrett Miles sang on a stool and performed with three girls. Keith told them they did well. He thought Garrett held his own. Harry told him, though, it wasn't his day today. He was sent home.
• "Somebody to Love" was the song performed by the next group: Joey Cook, who dropped some lyrics; Shannon Berthiaume, who did a lot of showboating; Naomi Tatsuoka; and a fourth member. Jennifer thought that this was a good example of forgetting the lyrics and still knocking it out of the park. Harry told her she'd demonstrated that the show must go on. Jennifer announced that all four were moving on.
• Tonight, the next stage of Hollywood Week: solo performances, where they must perform at their highest level to advance.
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