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American Idol Recap: Solos, Hollywood Style

Once again, I took notes during the live show on Thursday but didn't get a chance to fill in the gaps until today.

• Last Thursday, the Season 14 "American Idol" hopefuls tackled the solo round as part of Hollywood Week.
• First up was Loren Lott, performing "Skyfall" by Adele. A natural actress, she did a job job of delivering the song without oversinging it. Judge Jennifer Lopez called it the first "superstar" performance and gave her a standing ovation. Judge Harry Connick Jr. called it an "Idol" moment.
• Next was Daniel Seavey, performing "I See Fire" by Ed Sheeran. He the youngest contestant, which he admitted is a little intimidating. He threw in way too many runs; needs to learn how to be more controlled. Keith Urban said that he has a lot of joy behind him, calling him a giggly kid that fell into a musical body.
• Big Ron Wilson sang "Let's Get It On" and ignored the vocal coaches' advice not to oversing it. Then Big Ron blamed his charmless performance on band leader Rickey Minor for supposedly not allowing him to direct the band like he wanted to. That will not go over well.
• Shi Scott had to conquer her nerves before taking the stage, wearing a heather gray long-sleeved top and long skirt, with bare midriff. Harry Connick Jr. felt that her nerves had taken a toll on her performance of "All I Could Do Is Cry" and that it wasn't her strongest.
• Next was Adam Lasher, playing his guitar as he sang "Free Falling, looking very scruffy in a black leather jacket, black jeans, and a shapeless brimmed hat. He did a bluesy take on the song. Keith Urban disliked how he'd changed with the melody.
• A group of singers was then brought back onto the stage to hear the results. Harry asked Big Rom and Adam to step forward and then told the back row they were going through. That lucky group included Shi, Daniel and Loren.
• Quentin Alexander came out onto the stage wearing a rocking black coat he immediately removed, and Jennifer Lopez joked that he ought to make it more of a performance. Harry asked for some "coat taking off music," and Jennifer went up onstage to grab the coat. All that style wouldn't matter if he didn't also have a powerful, unique voice. He had me hanging on every note of "Riptide" by Vance Joy. I want to see more of this guy. He made it into the next round.
• Country singer Maddie Walker, the blonde with red tips on the ends of her hair, also advanced with her performance of "Don't Ya," as did "resident geek" Trevor Douglas," who strummed his guitar with spirit as he sang "Skinny Love." Jennifer complimented his "ease" on the stage.
• Alexis Granville, who'd been having anxiety problems, including nearly passing out, sang "You Light Up My Life" (a song I know incredibly well because a childhood friend and I had it memorized) and had some trouble with the melody. Harry asked the band to help her get her starting note, and she started over. That was it for her; she was eliminated.
• Jax, a silver headband in her platinum blonde hair, sang "Let It Be," walking down into the audience and singing tenderly right to her parents. The judges put her through.
• Michael Simeon sang "Try" passionately, and Jennifer called him a superstar.
• Nick Fradiani sounded a little like Billy Joel as he performed "Avalon." Keith liked that he played with the phrasing. Harry said it was clear that he was experienced.
• Katherine Skinner sang "How Do I Get You Alone" and was pretty shrill. Not good. Harry said that she has extraordinary vocal ability but it was "pedal to the metal" with all the notes. Jennifer felt she hadn't delivered.
• In the moment of truth, Michael, Nick and Katherine were brought back to the stage with other singers. Michael, Emily Brooke and Nick were called forward. Katherine wasn't. The front row was moving on, but Katherine wasn't. She wasn't deterred, saying that she's young and could come back.
• Then came a montage of some others who were cut, including Jessica Lamb, Alex Shier and Piper Jones.
• Clark Beckham, who's been a street busker, switched up his guitar for a keyboard, singing "Try a Little Tenderness" with real soulfulness.
• Mark Andrew, backstage, was suffering from sleep deprivation. He ditched his guitar to sing "Skinny Love" at the mic stand. He sounded great but forgot some lyrics, and Harry chastised him for it. Keith felt sorry for the contestants who were so tired, but Jennifer reminded him the pace of the show is very brisk and fully scheduled, so if they can't handle it in Hollywood, they'll have trouble with the weekly pace.
• Called onstage for decisions were Clark, Mark and some others. Harry told Mark, upon him learning he was moving on, that he made it only for his voice. Briana, Naomi and Travis were eliminated. Advancing, along with Clark and Mark, were Alexis Gomez, Shannon Berthiaume and Katherine Winston.
• Joey Cook, singing "Across the Universe" by the Beatles, worried she'd forget the lyrics. She sat on the front steps and basically just sang "Nothing's going to change my world" a bunch of times. Was that correct?
• Then we saw quick clips of other performances, such as Lovey James singing "You Light Up My Life." Tyanna Jones was in the same line and did a great job with "Try", as did Rayvon Owen with "Try a Little Tenderness." Riley Bria followed with "Somwhere in My Car." Joey made it through, along with Tyanna, Rayvon, Riley, and Lovey.
• Tonight, they will all perform in front of a live audience at the House of Blues.
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