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American Idol: HOB Showcase, Part 2 (Top 24 Reveal)

Look at me: I managed to get my Thursday recap in the day after the show for once!

• The results continued for the Top 48 of "American Idol" Season 14 as they learned who would make it into the Top 24.
• At the top of the show, we saw Josh Sanders being cut without hearing his performance, just to see judge Jennifer Lopez insisting she had wanted to keep him. After Josh walked away, fellow judge Harry Connick Jr. teased her, asking her sarcastically to please keep throwing him and Keith Urban under the bus.
• Hollywood Anderson tried to recapture the magic of his first audition in his House of Blues live performance. Keith Urban told him that he's a soulful guy with a real gift, but he hadn't made it to the Top 24. Harry Connick Jr. told him he hopes he keeps writing, too.
• Joey Cook, with her hair dyed pink now, played ukelele as she sang a old-fashioned sounding version of "Sweet Pea" by Amos Lee that simultaneously sounded very current. I love the richness of her alto voice. Jennifer Lopez told her that it's hard to compare apples to oranges, and Harry agreed. He called her the kiwi of the bunch. "We don't have any kiwis, so congratulations. You made it to the Top 24." She burst into tears.
• Katherine Winston, wearing a bohemian dress, sang a stretched out, raspy version of "Rihanna" Fleetwood Mac song that was fun to listen to. Jennifer told her that every time they've seen her perform "something magical happened." She made the Top 24.
• Maddy Hudson admitted that she'd had a moment where nerves overwhelmed her in her HOB performance of "Diamonds" by Rihanna. Jennifer said she needed more time to get comfortable on the stage. Keith told her that the answer was no this year.
• Alexis Gomez took Jennifer's advice and put a Latin spin on her HOB performance of "Better Dig Two" by Band Perry, in order to stand out more. Another contestant who took a chance was Quentin Alexander with "Youth" by Foxes. While they told him his performances overall have lacked uniformity, they told him they wanted to give him a chance to move on. He was in the Top 24. Alexis Gomez also advanced.
• Savion Glover had been sent home at this stage last year, and his HOB performance of "I Don't Trust Myself (with Loving You)" by John Mayer showed how much he's grown. After stringing him along a little bit, Keith let him know he was continuing on. He jumped up and down, celebrating.
• Then we saw a montage of people who's been cut, including Jaq MacKenzie and Hunter Larsen.
• Mark Andrew, the oldest person in the competition at 29, sang "Take Me to Church" at HOB, giving it a bouncy sort of feel and demonstrating good tone. Harry reminded him there are 12 slots for the guys and the girls. "We think you're in your own lane, but are you different enough? (DRAMATIC PAUSE) You're in, bro."
• Resident geek Trevor Douglas, who looks like a reincarnated Buddy Holly, sang an almost unrecognizable version of "Burning Love" by Elvis Presley while fiercely strumming on his guitar. Harry told him his vocals at the HOB weren't as good as previous performances and that he had to think about consistency. But they think he's very talented and wanted to see him again, so he made it through.
• Emily Brooke took on a Keith Urban song, "Stupid Boy," which Jennifer told her wasn't enough to get her through, even though they think she's incredibly talented.
• Nick Fradiani hoped that he held his own with his HOB performance. Harry told him they were going to cut to the chase and tell him. Cut to Nick emerging triumphant, greeted by his pleased parents.
• Sarina-Joi Crowe had made it to Hollywood three times before but never yet made it to this stage. Harry observed there had been a lot of people in her lane, so they had to pick somebody who best represented that genre. He told her that she did, and she was through.
• Qaasim Middleton was all blinged out for his performance of "Satisfaction" by Allen Stone, including an embellished military jacket and gold shoes. He did a slide on the stage with his dramatic final note. Jennifer asked him if Brooklyn was in the house and had him shout it back to her before telling him that he'd made it through.
• This left two 17-year-old country singers vying for the last male spot, Riley Bria and Ricky Dale Hendricks. At the HOB, Ricky was very traditional country and not outstanding. Riley potentially had more crossover appeal, like a young Keith Urban. Harry delivered the news, telling them that Riley had been the one to make it.
• Jelly Joseph was very nervous before her showcase but pulled it together to turn in a hot, blues-funk performance of "Bang Bang" by Jesse J. Shi Scott rocked out in what she called the best moment of her life, as she sang "Higher Ground" by Stevie Wonder. That moment got even better when she learned that she'd made it through. This did, however, spell the end for Jelly.
• At the close of the show, we got to hear again the piece that had been played for us at the beginning of the season, of the Top 24 performing. This time, of course, we got to see their faces. Next week, the real competition begins!
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