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Transcription Anyone?

I'm looking for someone to help me transcribe the remainder of my interviews for my wedding book. Anyone interested? If so, I'll pay you $1.20 per 1,000 characters, which is the same rate I earn for straight transcription. I did a little number crunching, and this works out to a nice per-hour rate, about $20-22 an hour (depending on your speed).

I have three interviews at this point that need to be transcribed. One clocks in at 1:42:43, another at 1:10:29, and the final interview is 00:48:20 long. If you didn't want to take a whole interview, I could split it and give you part of one. I'm trying to get as much as possible transcribed by September 30, so that I can begin writing my first draft in earnest.

I was trying to do it all myself, but it's simply eating up too much of the time I'd like to spend writing! Let me know if you'd be interested.
Tags: career, wedding book, writing

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