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Found Sidewalk Art

I've collected a number of sidewalk chalk drawings, taken with my cell phone while walking my dog in our local neighborhood.

First, a drawing of a house that I collected in June. I've noticed that, since there are many rowhouses in our suburb, the children often draw tall, narrow houses, unlike the squat, two-story houses of rural children.

Chalk House (Click to enlarge)

Also collected in June, the very next day, I found a primitive drawing of a child. Like the house drawing, this appeared on a sidewalk near a day-care center, so I imagine the artist is fairly young.

Chalk Person (Click to enlarge)

The next three photos were all taken the same day in late June, just down the street from me. Some older girls, about 9 or 10, were decorating the sidewalks near their houses with carefully drawn and outlined works. The first, a series of hearts, is one of my favorites since it was drawn on a section of sidewalk containing footprints which become almost a part of the drawing. In fact, they've even colored in a couple of them.

Chalk Hearts (Click to enlarge)

I guess you could call this next one pop art.

Chalk Lollipop (Click to enlarge)

The third and final drawing by these artists seems to be a stylized compass, although I didn't bother to check if it really pointed North. Given the carefulness with which these girls made these drawings, I wouldn't be surprised if it did. Because they outlined them so thickly, the drawings lasted several weeks.

Chalk Compass (Click to enlarge)

The final drawing was collected in early July and shows a little girl basking under a smiling sun, near what appears to be two distant palm trees. This drawing seems a perfect coda to the summer.

Chalk Girl (Click to enlarge)

You don't have to go to a gallery to see an art show.

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