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Belated 'America's Got Talent' Recap

Wrote my "AGT" recap live last week but somehow didn't get around to posting it. Here it is, in case anyone would like to weigh in.

Season 10 of "America's Got Talent" kicked off with an interesting group of acts.

• The first act of the night were a pint-sized team, Elin and Noah, ages 7 and 8. They were hip-hope dancers, performing to "Can't Touch This" by M.C. Hammer, very bouncy and full of energy but without too many impressive moves. Still, they were so adorable they were hard to resist, especially the attitude that Elin was putting into it. Howard Stern commented on Elin's intense face and called it "cute." Mel B. agreed, saying that she has a 7-year-old daughter, who can't move like that. Heidi Klum said her four children would love them, and they were adorable. Howie Mandel asked if she did anything beyond dancing, and Elin said she plays golf and is good at it. He joked that the song was his philosophy of life, "can't touch this." Four yeses will get them to the next level.
• Next was a singing trio, Triple Threat, one of whom limped out with a crutch. Turns out they started singing together when all three were injured on the football team at the same time. Considering they were dressed very drab, looking like everyday guys, I wasn't expecting much, but they were confident, with good harmony and great timing on their rendition of "Classic" by MKTO. They got a standing ovation from the judges. Howie pointed out that you can't judge a book by its cover, and this was a "real boy band." Howard called them "beautifully nerdy" and said he loved it. Four yeses.
• A puppet named Ira Fennelboom (ph) was next. He wanted to proclaim his love to Mel B. He sang "You Are So Beautiful." Meanwhile, we kept cutting to Ira's mom, hanging out in the wings with host Nick Cannon. Howie said that it moved him and he loved it. Howard agreed that he's not the best singer, but he'd love to see him win and move out of the apartment with his mother. Howie and Howard encouraged her to give Ira a kiss. She got lipstick on his nose. Heidi said that she felt like chopped liver, and Ira said, "You're a beautiful, beautiful women. It's just Mel B.'s time right now." Howard voted yes, and so did Heidi, but Mel B. actually voted no. The audience booed her, and Ira was crushed. Howie praised him for taking a huge chance and showing honesty and heart. "For that alone, I will give you your third yes."
• A hypnotist, Chris Jones, 28, brought Howie Mandel up on the stage. Howard buzzed him shortly after he put Howie into a trance. The hypnotist told Howie to see him as wearing gloves, and he got Howie to shake his hand. Then he asked Howie to go back to the judges' table, where he put him to sleep again and had him shake hands with his fellow judges, telling them they were wearing gloves. Howard said yes. Howie said he didn't know, but Mel B. and Heidi said yes. After, they all wanted him to give him five, and he refused. A couple people in the audience looked horrified or disgusted at the hypnotist, I noticed.
• Adonis Crash Boom, 22, did a series of stunts, including doing a flip into the orchestra pit. We only saw a brief taste of his audition, enough to know the judges put him through. Then, interestingly enough, they showed him in reverse motion, all the way back to where he was stretching to go on. Not sure what the point of that was.
• Showproject was a group of gymnasts, two from Germany and two from the Czech Republic. They took their shirts off before getting onstage, where they used a trampoline with two sets of parallel bars on it, allowing them to put a lot of surprising vertical movement into their choreographed routine. Very creative, including one move where they interlocked their legs and did pushups. Standing ovation from the judges. Mel B. called it creative. Heidi said she hadn't seen anything like it before. Howard called them pros and contenders. Four yeses.
• Then we saw some clips of other auditions, including a dance group, a young acrobat who did a hand balancing act with her father, as well as another group of gymnasts.
• Singer/songwriter Johnny Shelton sang an original song, "That's Love," for his late son, who died at age 5 of cancer. Interestingly, in the photos of him with his baby son, he didn't have the neck tattoos he now has. Because of his story, and his song about love, it was very moving, and Johnny was in t ears at the end. Howie called it very moving. Heidi said it made her very emotional. She thanked him for sharing it and called it beautiful. Mel B. said he has something special, the way he was able to command the audience. Howard called it "real, from the heart" and praised both his songwriting and phrasing. The judges gave him a yes in unison.
• Next was Piff the Magic Dragon, a guy in a cheap-looking dragon suit who was a comedian. He called Heidi up onstage, performing for her. His hands were shaking a little bit as he shuffled the cards and had her sign one. Then he changed the card into a 7 of diamonds, which is what he'd predicted she'd pick. Piff ate a banana while listening to the judges' comments. Howie called him hysterical and said he loved him. Mel B. said, "You have my silly, stupid sense of humor." Heidi joked that she liked how much he smiled and how friendly he was, which was exactly the opposite of his persona. Howard called him a phenomenal act and predicted he'd go far.
• Then, in a response to tabloid reports that Howard and Nick were feuding, they took a lie detector test with an expert, asking questions about how they felt about each other, the other judges and more.
• A really odd act came next, with a family coming on stage and one jumping off a ladder onto the "Whoopee Cushion of Doom," a giant whoopee cushion that made the expected noise. All four judges "X'd" them, causing them to have to end their act.
• Some other rejects followed, including a knife thrower who stood on a tightrope and threw his knives but had trouble getting them to stick in the board. Then there was a creepy act called "Sexy Baby" which just consisted of a guy in a muscle suit wearing a baby head mask and doing -- pretty much nothing. Lame.
• Siro-A were a group of actors working in conjunction with video screens in a faster, more synchronized way than I've seen previous acts too. Truly mind-blowing. Howie gave them a standing ovation. Howard said they've seen a lot of dancers work with mixed media but had never seen anyone do it so well. Mel B. liked how five dancers tricked the eye at times to appear to be 15. Howie predicted that everybody would be talking about that act tomorrow. Four yeses.
• Samantha Hess, a professional cuddler, demonstrated some of her techniques on a red couch on the stage, with Nick. Very odd. Howard buzzed it but then asked to get in on it and went up onstage to help cuddle Nick. The other judges joined her, too, piling up on Nick. Then, somewhat surprisingly, everyone but Howard voted yes, and she will advance!
• A comedian, Drew Lynch, with a pronounced stutter turned in a very funny set. All the judges liked him, and Howie said that he'd been really moved. He hit the new button, the "golden buzzer," which put somebody straight through to the live shows at Radio City Music Hall. I missed most of the act, because I had to deal with my 5-year-old son, but he finished strong, and I'm looking forward to hearing more.
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