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America's Got Talent Recap: Week Three Auditions

With the craziness of last week -- what with my son's preschool graduation and planning for his fifth birthday party -- I forgot to upload my recap for last week's "America's Got Talent" show, the third week of auditions for Season 10.

• D.J. Smart came out to introduce his dance troupe, which does image mapping and dance. He turned the lights off, then performed, making a landscape out of light and finally another dancer. Now most of it was probably actually just synchronized with the screen, rather than lights forming from his movements, but it was still well-choreographed. Heidi Klum loved it. Mel B. liked when he was floating through the air. Howard Stern said he's strong and graceful, and this was a beautiful presentation. Howie Mandel said that watching them moved him. Four yeses from the judges.
• Next up was a fan of the Muppets and puppetry, a ventriloquist named Paul Zerdin. He started with messing with a microphone, doing voices out of sync. I've seen that before, but he did it well. Then he introduced his "friend Sam," a cloth dummy who looks like a young guy. He ended the act by having a quickfire argument with Sam after putting him back in his suitcase. Heidi called it really, really, really good. Howard said he was a great ventriloquist, because he came through a five-star inspection. Mel B. thought he did everything really well and that he captured everyone in the room. Howie called him funny and talented and said he seems like a nice guy. "I want to be your friend." They all said yes, without moving their lips!
• Then was a dance duo, Tao Porchon-Lynch & Vard, consisting of a 96-year-old woman and a young guy. She wore a silver fringed dress with bright red heels, while he was dressed all in black, as she was clearly the star attraction. They did quite a few moves that would be difficult for dancers a third her age. Howard called it an inspiration. Howie predicted America would love them. Mel B. was also inspired, especially after hearing she'd had three hip replacements. Heidi joked that she was mad that she'd stolen her dress out of the dressing room. Seriously, she called it incredible. Four yeses.
• Alondra Santos, a mariachi singer, was dressed in the white traditional outfit. She said she was shy, but once she started singing, her confidence grew. She had great pipes and sustained notes, to much applause from the audience, singing a traditional Spanish song, of course. Mel B. said she had a lot of control and confidence, and you'd never know she was shy. Howie called her absolutely beautiful and powerful. And though he didn't understand a word, he loved it. Heidi called her a powerhouse and praised her ability to belt everything out. Howard said he's not in mariachi music but loved her youth. He told her to sometimes tone down her delivery to bring out the sweetness in her voice. Four enthusiastic yeses.
• The next act, The Orchids, were singers who met at karaoke night. They both wore blousy frumpy colorful tops, with matching hair bows, reminding me of a junior high talent show. They sang -- badly -- to Cyndi Lauper's "Girls Just Want to Have Fun." Did they really think they would get through? Four "X's" from the judges shut their act down early. Howard took the easy joke: "Girls just want to have fun, but we're miserable." When Mel told him to be nicer, he amended it to say, "It reminded me of the Spice Girls movie." She laughed. Four nos. But Nick wouldn't let them leave, having the music start up again and dancing with them as they wailed their song.
• Scott Heierman was next, wearing drag except for a full beard. He was a comedian. He had a great set, much of it self-deprecating humor, and his personality really came alive. Mel B. said there's no reason for him to be nervous. "Keep being fabulous. That's all I can say." Howie loved it, and Scott flirted with him. Heidi said it was the first time that she's truly loved a comedian. Howard called him fabulous and "the full package, pardon the expression." Four yeses.
• Michael John, a magician, asked Mel B. to join him onstage. He did a card trick with her, asking her to take a folded up card and bite down on it. He folded up another card and stuck it in his own mouth. He leaned in close to her but never touched her mouth, and the cards were swapped. He told her to think of the initials of her first kiss and had her punch him in the chest, where he said she left the initials. He had her tell him the initials, which she did, and sure enough, he pulled down his shirt to reveal an "S.M." Howard said that was an excellent trick. Howie loved it, calling it the highest excellence of magic. He liked his humility. Mel B. said she was right there and didn't see any switcheroo. Four yeses. He actually broke down in tears at the thought that his dream was coming true.
• After a montage of different types of dancers, including Howie trying to dance (and barely moving), we met Ouahib Arkoub from Algeria, who is a cab driver for his day job. He was a dancer, but without a partner. He had a lot of energy and was kind of comical, probably playing it up for laughs. Host Nick Canon joked that he danced like Howie, so Howie got up and danced at the table. Howard gave him a red "X."
• Then was the Los Angeles Children's Orchestra, which performed "Eleanor Rigby" by the Beatles and actually incorporated choreography, moving around onstage with their instruments and smiling. They were very charming. Irresistible, really. Howard said it warms his heart when this generation learns about the Beatles. He told them they did a great job. Mel B. felt their timing was on point and liked that they looked like they were enjoying it. Howie asked to speak to one of them, and the little boy who took the microphone said he wanted to win a million dollars. Four yeses, with Howard predicting they'd be a fan favorite.
• We then saw just a snippet of a singing group, interspersed with candid moments with the judges, including Heidi knocking a techie over with her hip. Rhythmic Circus, which included tap dancers in front of a rock band, were also shown for just a short taste.
• Next was a freak show act, Leroy Paterson, a self-proclaimed pain junky who fell on thumb tacks and was very hard to watch, especially as some of the tacks became embedded in his legs. Much as they winced, everyone but Heidi actually said yes to put him through. Yuck.
• Then came an act much easier on the eyes, Ukrainian acrobats Duo Vladimir, who were a hand balancing act who demonstrated incredible strength with some of their positions. Howard called it magnificent. Heidi said she was excited to have the two of them on the show and predicted America would fall in love with them. Howie had given them a standing ovation. He called them "talent squared" and said it was much more than we'd expected. Yeses all around.
• For gospel singer Sharon Irving's performance of "Take Me to Church," Mel B. was actually so impressed that she gave her the Golden Buzzer, putting her straight through to the live shows. This means Sharon gets to skip the Hollywood rounds. She definitely was a strong singer and would likely have sailed through the Hollywood rounds anyway.
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