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AGT Recap: Auditions, Week 3

Thought I'd try to get my recap in a little earlier than I did last week. It's hard with the Otakon crunch and all the kids' parties and such I've been attending lately!

This week, the "America's Got Talent," Season 10, auditions spent half the shoe on high-danger acts, many of which were one-trick ponies, in my estimation. Do you agree?

• First up, an eleven-member dance group called The Squad, who have had some personal differences. They were good but not as good as some of the other dance troupes that have auditioned already this season. Still, Howard Sterm called them great, Heidi Klum said they were hot, and the judges sent them through to Hollywood.
• Then we saw small snippets of several acts, including Bang Bang, a band with a really charismatic female lead singer.
• Daniella Mass, 22, originally from Colombia, began singing when she was recovering from surgery as a child and had nothing to do. She had clearly been practicing a lot since then, as she was an accomplished classical singer, belting out "Time to Say Goodbye." From her modern look -- a floral scoop--neck top with short flared red skirt -- I expected a pop song, so it was a wonderful surprise. Four yeses.
• Then was magician Aiden Sinclair, who used to be a con man before, he told the judges, he turned himself in. He then taught himself card tricks in prison. He did a card trick that involved Howie holding up a deck of cards and then Howard calling his mother and asking her to name a card. Turns out that the card he had turned backwards was the card that Howard's mother chose. The judges all agreed to send him forward.
• Uzeyer Novruzov, 39, spoke with a thick accent. He is a huge Charlie Chaplin fan and was dressed like him, carrying a ladder. Then, after an awkward introduction, he handed his coat to host Nick Cannon and began. Amazingly, he was able to balance on and climb up and down the ladder, as well as jump around on it and do other incredible feats. He ended the act with an astonishing trick, balancing on his hands on top of the ladder. The judges gave him a standing ovation. Mel B. called him a character and called it thoroughly entertaining. Howie called him what would happen if Charlie Chaplin and Mr. Bean had a child who ran off to join the circus. He got four yeses.
• Next was Hanako Matsuyama, who told them she was going to sing while dancing ballet. But the music for "God Bless America" kicked in and she danced without singing. Finally, she stopped and grabbed the microphone and began singing. She got red "X's" from Mel B. and Heidi, though Howard seemed to be eating it up, most likely just amused. Howard told her he was the only American judge, the only one born in the United States. He told her that her love for America came through loud and clear. Heidi said the singing wasn't bad "most of the time," but "it's just not a million-dollar act. Mel B. thought the combo of the singing and dancing didn't work. Howie claimed that he loved what she did, and he gave her a yes. There were no's from Mel B. and Heidi, and Howard voted a yes, which meant she didn't have enough to make it through.
• Then the judges moved outside to view some danger acts, starting with Metal Mulisha Freestyle Motorcross Team. The whole act was over the Lenny Kravitz song "Are You Gonna Go My Way," with the stunts slowed down so that they could be seen better. Howard called it the most exciting he's ever seen, calling them spectacular. Heidi said, "You guys made me sick to my stomach, she was so worried." Mel B. called them crazy and said it left her wanting more. Howie only had one comment, to vote yes. Then he added it looked spectacular.
• Damone Rippy, 16, rode a flyboard, which uses a jet of water to lift people into the air. He had made up his own tricks, spinning and looping and sometimes even dipping into the water. Howard told his fellow judges it looked like Ironman. Howard told him that he looked like a superhero. He called the act futuristic and awesome. Heidi liked that he was onto something new, comparing him to a kite on a string. Mel B. liked it and also told him he's really cute. Howie praised his strength and balance. Four yeses.
• A base jumper, Cliff Ryder, jumped from a helicopter and explained he was going to get within about 15 seconds of the ground before deploying his chute. The build-up to the stunt was almost interminable. But he was successful, the judges loved it, and he moved onto the next round.
• Then was Wally Glen, a.k.a. Pyro Boy, whose act consisted of attaching fireworks to his body and dancing around while they went off. It was pretty insane looking but actually not much to look at, since his "dancing" was very erratic and not even timed to the music. The fireworks seemed to go off forever, and he ran back on the outdoor stage to hear the judges' comments. Howard called him "legally insane" and said he was probably going to shock the judges by his vote. Since it made him laugh and feel good, he gave him a yes. Howie gave him an "X" during the act and told him, "You should watch fireworks. You shouldn't wear fireworks." Mel B. called it "pretty and sparkly" but said the act confused him. Bowing to pressure from Howard, Mel said yes. Heidi did, too, then collapsed on the table, as if she couldn't believe what she'd done. Pyro Boy moves on.
• Dr. Danger's Daredevil All-Stars were doing a stunt that had never been done before, crashing a bus into two upright buses. Some of his team had clearly had accidents before, such as one guy missing an arm and a leg. The bus created a huge crash, but everyone came out OK. Howard called it the craziest thing he ever saw. Howie said, "Just the fact that you're walking back up here is amazing." Mel B. liked that they do something so crazy and "it's just normal to you." Heidi called it exciting and "larger than life." Howard called them "dope." They got four yeses and moved on.
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