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LJI Week 3: New Year's Resolutions

This is my entry for this week in LJ Idol, Friends & Rivals (therealljidol). we got to select from a variety of topics, and I chose "Panglossian."

New Year's Resolutions

This year...

You will burn off every ounce of extra fat
You will finally declutter
You will get a better job
You will balance your checkbook
You will quit smoking
You will repair all relationships
You will teach and inspire your children
You will find all lost objects
You will correct your pet's behavior problems
You will plant a garden
You will paint a masterpiece
You will buy a massage table
You will win a scholarship
You will become a master at chess
You will teach your cat to respond to its name
You will make 20 new best friends
You will fall in love
You will have a restful mind
You will travel to an exotic land
You will master new customs and new languages
You will learn the Whip and the Nae Nae
You will take a proper portrait of your family
You will write a song that isn't about heartbreak
You will take your little cousin to Japan
You will turn to stardust
You will communicate telepathically
You will live in a forest and eat berries
You will balance an Oscar on your face
You will forgive someone for something unforgivable
You will visit Sesame Street
You will ride an ostrich
You will see an actual ghost
You will make peace with your body
You will become an optimist
You will hike to the top of Half Dome in Yosemite
You will invent high-heeled shoes that don't hurt
You will hug a panda
You will build a fire in a cold, dark place
You will play flamenco guitar
You will see the aurora borealis
You will find the Fountain of Youth
You will have a herd of bulldogs
You will travel astrally
You will be hip
You will do a spontaneous dance routine
You will find the stories within the stories

You will be proud of yourself
You will forgive yourself
You will believe in yourself
You will heal

In part, this is a found poem. I started off with some of the most common resolutions, got some suggestions from my sister and a friend, added on some "wants" generated by my Sims 2 characters, and finally added some wishes from the site Before I Die, which for some odd reason is best viewed on a smart phone. Then I arranged them in the order I felt worked best, in order to capture that spirit of optimism that overwhelms so many of us at the start of a new year.
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