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LJI Week 9: Rejected 404 Messages

This is my entry for LJ Idol Friends & Rivals (therealljidol). This week we got to choose from several topics. I chose "404."

Rejected 404 Messages
(written while children play a computer game about the body)

This is not the page you're looking for.
One of the pieces is in the wrong place.

No revelations here. No deep thoughts. No contemplation.

Skeletons can't type.
You're playing it wrong.

No apologies. No memories. No recall.

What do we do, Mr. Spider-Spider? (singing) Take me apart.
How do you spell your name, and what's your name anyway?
This is what your head looks like when it's bald.
Where does this even go?

No, it does not make sense, but life never does.

Wait, wait, wait you forgot its brain. The green ball.
I did this before. I hold my breath, and I... Why are you drawing???

The computer says no.

I'm going to touch your neckbone. It's also called your backbone.
You sound just like my brother.
Where does your heart even belong?
Stop it! Ewww!
I do not know where your heart goes. (On your shirt.)

No downtime, no respite, no pause to think.

You just did this? You have found it.
Show me. (I don't want to.)
I'm tired from seeing this. I can't even talk.

No. Blank. Page.

Can you stop pushing me?
I can feel my shoulder bones.

No time to lose.

You, get outta my biznss.
The rib cage protects all your squishy parts.

I want to get off of this thing. (Me, too. It's disgusting.)
No. I will always press no. Show me no.

Doitagain doitagain doitagain! My turn.

- February 12, 2016

Thanks to the two very enthusiastic kindergartner girls who entertained my son while I stole all their words.
Tags: gaming, kung fu panda, lj idol, lji

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