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Insight from a 6-Year-Old

I mentioned to KFP this morning that his daddy and I were up late watching the election results. "Who won?" he asked. I told him the guy that Mommy and Daddy didn't vote for. "You mean Donald Trump?" I was surprised he knew that; he hadn't been noticeably paying any attention to the election, and The Gryphon doesn't like to talk politics.

Then, putting his library book in his backpack, my attention was caught by a slip that said, "I voted." I asked him if he voted in school yesterday, and he said that yes, they had a mini-election. The class voted for Hillary Clinton. When I asked who he voted for, he said, "Donald Trump." I asked him if he knew anything about Trump, and he admitted he didn't. "Why did you vote for him if you don't know anything about him?" I asked. His answer? "I've heard a lot about him."

I think it's time for us to start talking politics in front of the kid!
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