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New Wild Violet Issue

The focus of the new issue, Vol. VII Issue 2 (World Voyage) is travel, and Wild Violet contributors will take you all over the globe, even into outer space. This issue includes interviews with science-fiction writer Eric Flint, a reporter's view of the Cannes Film Festival, and for our first time ever, two experimental films.

In this issue, you'll find:

Fiction by Susan Snowden, D.E. Fredd, Randall Brown, John C. Weil, and Kent Robinson.

Poetry by Lyn Lifshin, Arlene Mandell, Peter Layton, Christopher Mulrooney, Michael Lee Johnson, Jason Fritz, Doug Ramspeck, Ernest Williamson III, Richard Lighthouse and Kevin J.B. O'Connor.

Essays by John Joyce, K.A. Laity, Linda Oatman High, Tala Bar, Steve Honeywell.

Coverage of several international film festivals, including Cannes, by Rada Djurica.

Humor by Ashley Magnani, Ann Hite, Thomas Sullivan, John Joyce, Wayne Scheer, and John Woodington.

Cuttings by Benjamin Heins, William Beyer, Wayne Scheer, Anna Sykora, Margaret A. Frey, and Mark Arvid White.

Interviews with science-fiction author Eric Flint and independent filmmaker Jeremiah Zagar.

Reviews of books, music and film.

Art by Ernest Williamson III.

And, a first in Wild Violet history, two experimental film by Cecila Chapman.

Check out the new issue for a thought-provoking, entertaining trip around the world.

And don't forget: the deadline for the Wild Violet writing contests is October 31, 2008. Enter now for your chance to win a top prize of $100.

Moral: Sometimes I even post on the weekends.

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