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LJI 10 Break Week: Grief Bacon (A Poem)

This is one of my entries for the LJ Idol Season 10 (therealljidol) Break Week, the first of four poems. This one tackles the topic, "Kummerspeck."

Grief Bacon
(a contemplation of the word "Kummerspeck")

I wrap my grief in bacon, gooey
and impermeable. Dusted with almond flour,
sugar and salt. What choice
did I have, losing you so close
to Thanksgiving? We ate
your memory in a flaky crust.
Cider turned to vinegar in our mouths.

My siblings, Dad, your partner's family
gathered for a meal, memorial. Poured gravy
over the things we could not say. On
Thanksgiving, you do not
assign blame (except perhaps
under your breath, secreted
in the kitchen, shoving a
tasteless morsel into your mouth,
to keep the words down). If only

that had ended it. But a year
of gnoshing and teeth-gnashing
would follow. A sour residue
of your sudden passing, Mom.
Nothing I ate could fill
the hole you left behind. And now

a smidge past the anniversary, I
emerge from the trough. Once caked
with salt, I feel my encasement
crack. Leaving behind me
a path strewn with crumbs.

- January 1, 2017
Tags: grief, lj idol, lji, mom, season 10

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