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LJI 10 Break Week: Birthing a Cub (A Sonnet of Sorts)

This is my second for four entries for LJ Idol Season 10 (therealljidol) Break Week. This one is on the topic "Sang-froid."

Birthing a Cub
(a contemplation of the word "sang-froid")

'You are a lion,' Mom uttered, in my 50th
hour of labor. I should have corrected her:
a bear. Muscled mama, teeth set in a growl.

Like her father, coal mine's first responder,
rushing to the crushed and maimed. Too often
waiting with a body for the undertaker.

I'd like to think I'm strong like that. And strong
like her mother, who raised her young siblings
after great-grandmother Hinkle's breath stopped.

An ursine family, determined if clunky.
Padding from Revolution to Depression,
sniffing the air. Pausing to lap a brook, snare a fish:
always listening, claws at the ready.

- January 1, 2017
Tags: family, lj idol, lji, poetry, season 10

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