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LJI 10 Break Week: Just Like That (A Song of Sorrow)

This is the fourth of four poems written for LJ Idol Season 10's Break Week. This one addresses the saying, "A possum walked over my grave," which is an unexplained shiver based on the concept that people once believed death and life were interconnected in such a way that your future grave was already foretold, and someone passing over it could produce an involuntary shiver. I decided to play with both the nonsensical nature of the saying as well as things which might actually make someone shiver. The slant rhymes (or near rhymes) are used intentionally, to heighten the sense of unease.

Just Like That
(a contemplation of the saying "a possum ran over my grave")

Like a moment foreseen and ill-thought
Like urine that's scented of sage
Like waiting to kick, fumbling down
Like a possum ran over my grave

Like a cat who has no ninja skills
Like my hips are on fire, awake
Like a pine-smelling blur under stars
Like a possum ran over my grave

Like love has no syntax, no rules
Like a panda who plays leapfrog games
Like doubt that hits me with a thwack
Like a possum ran over my grave

Like an elephant driving a truck
Like a black-out satori onstage
Like a coal miner's daughter named Starr
Like a possum ran over my grave

Like oobleck to punch in a dream
Like a Wonderland guided by names
Like notes on estate work galore
Like a possum ran over my grave

Like an old table made from a tub
Like felines to pet and to tame
Like a rough-hewn and sensible thorn
Like a possum ran over my grave

Like trying to transform a thought
Like a wall to keep monsters at bay
Like crushing dry leaves underfoot
Like a possum ran over my grave

- January 1, 2017

I was inspired, in part, by country singer Jesse Dayton's song, "Possum Ran Over My Grave." You can find it on YouTube.
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