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Dreams: Blue Fingers and Spacesuits

I usually take dream interpretation guides with a truckload of salt, because I believe it's more important what associations a specific person might have with a given symbol. However, last night's dreams conformed particularly well to standard interpretations.

Just before bedtime, KFP was in tears because he wanted to draw but couldn't think of an idea. Mike and I tried to help him by giving him suggestions and, finally, by suggesting he take a break and that the ideas would come later. I explained to him about writer's block, and he seemed to be feeling better before he went to bed. Still it's hard for a Mommy to watch her child cry and not be able to help.

Then last night, I dreamt that the whole extended family had gotten together, including my father, my sister and her family, my brother and his family, and Mike's cousin's family (who I recently got in touch with in real life). KFP was hanging out with me and Dad when he started crying. He was wearing some sort of plastic suit (or clear space suit), and I could see through it that his fingers looked discolored. I pulled off the gloves, and we could see that the tips of his fingers were bright blue, turning black! I asked Dad to examine him, and while he didn't say anything, he looked concerned and made a phone call.

Assuming that Dad was calling the emergency room, I told the rest of the family that the plans were delayed while we took KFP to the emergency room.

Just then, my mom walked in, wearing hiking clothing, and greeted me with a cheerful greeting. I took her by the shoulders and, like I've been doing lately when I've seen her in these visitation dreams, I reminded her that she was dead. She frowned, and I expected her to disappear, but she remained solid. Then, I gave her a hug and told her, "I accept you," and we danced around in a circle of joy.

Curious about the dream's meaning, I consulted some online dream interpretation guides this morning. There, I learned that dreaming about fingers that have been injured means you are worried about your ability to accomplish some demanding task or perform in a situation.A space suit can have many interpretations: it can mean you're entering a new environment, and it can indicate either being restricted by fear or defense mechanisms, or it can indicate the release from limiting ideas, new experiences and freedoms.

That part of the dream, I believe, represents both KFP's artistic "writer's block" and my fears about my inability to help him as he enters a new stage in his life, with more complicated emotional needs. But it could also represent the positive aspects of that change, as he embarks on an exploration of the opportunities available as a "big boy."

Phones, I read, are often used as a method of communication with dead people in dreams. So it seems Dad wasn't calling the emergency room after all but, being a keen diagnostician, he realized that KFP was suffering from "artist's block" and called the person most likely to help, Mom, who was an artist.

Dream visitations from deceased loved ones often deal with the grief process, with surprise visitations taking place right after their death and usually indicating the "denial" phase of grief. Having Mom show up in hiking clothes is interesting, because hiking is said to represent making progress. And of course, it's pretty clear from what I said to her in this dream that I've achieved the "acceptance" phase of the grief process. It will be interesting, if she continues to show up in my dreams, how that works out. Dead people often show up in dreams to resolve past issues, so I'll pay attention to any further visitations from Mom.

There were other aspects of the dream I didn't mention, such as the fact that before Mom walked in, I had gone to a common sleeping area to look for the place that Mike put our suitcases and couldn't find an empty bed. Not sure about this, except for the literal meaning of feeling like I needed to find space for myself. Lately, I've been very busy with work and KFP's activities and haven't had as much time for personal projects.

Plus, after the Mom visitation, I was trying to get some work done on my computer but had difficulty getting it connected to the Internet because we were in Mike's office (didn't look anything like his real one). It had a wired connection, and my connector broke while trying to connect. Apparently, dreaming of working on a computer means you've been working too much, and dreaming of a failed Internet connection represents your desire to connect and communicate. This probably is also why I've been dreaming lately of some of the friends who don't post as often on Facebook!
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