alycewilson (alycewilson) wrote,

Second Chance Idol, Week 1: Translation

This is my entry for week 1 of Second Chance Idol. The topic is "Hungry."


A word cloud formed from a selection of my poems.
Larger words in the middle include: "love," "black," "eyes" and "woman."


When I say dust, I mean death.
When I say hair, I mean youth.
When I say time, I mean meaningless song.
When I say green, I mean God, and
when I say God, I mean the spark in us all.

When I say pulse, I mean passion.
When I say woman, I mean myself.
When I say blood, I mean life.
When I say body, I mean the beings we tell ourselves we are.

When I say boy, I mean fathomless love.
When I say knew, I mean incomprehensible but for an instant.
When I say always, I mean a flutterkick into space.

When I say spring, I mean hope.
When I say gold, I mean heavenly.
When I say night, I mean despair.
When I say music, I mean the rush in your veins.

When I say train, I mean the city.
When I say house, I mean the place no longer there.
When I say mother, I mean unmatched devotion.
When I say dead, I mean memory.
When I say never, I mean the hunger that gnaws our bones.

The word cloud above was formed from inputting the text of my poems, primarily from the past decade.
Tags: lj idol, lji, poetry

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