alycewilson (alycewilson) wrote,

NaPoWriMo 6: Poster for a Pandemic

My National Poetry Writing Month poem today is an acrostic, which comes from the prompt I posted at Wild Violet: NAPOWRIMO 2020 - Prompt 6.


Poster for a Pandemic

Sanitize, your salvation, the bulwark against transmission.
Take time for refreshment and repose (naps).
Alleviate boredom by tuning into fun or learning.
Yowl or yodel if you must (not after 9).

Close your door but let the heart free.
Adjust to shifting rules and remember the goal.
Lighten: loads, risks, spirits.
Mend, maintain and motivate yourself, your friends, your world.

- April 6, 2020
Tags: napowrimo, napowrimo 2020, plague diaries

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