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This morning, after running a myriad of holiday preparatory errands, I did a test run of the ornaments I plan to make with my family over the Christmas holiday.

Ornaments (Click to enlarge)

All of these ornaments were simple to make, requiring just paper, a stapler and tape. I found the directions at a great site, I also made a candy cane with yarn and a pipe cleaner, which turned out great but didn't hang as well over the curtain rod I used to take this picture.

My sister and I plan to make decorations to hang on my Dad's tree, because it will be the first time he's ever put one in his apartment. Previously, we all spent Christmas at my Mom's, but Dad has more space, so we're moving the celebration to his place.

Since my sister also has a number of ornament ideas that involve paper, she requested that I pick up some scrapbook paper. Jo-Ann Fabrics was having a sale on scrapbook paper, so I picked up a wide selection of colors and designs. I'll also bring some scrap wrapping paper and a selection of colored paper.

Plus, I bought monofilament to use for hanging the ornaments, and I'm also bringing some fancy ribbon that I already had. I've packed a tote bag with all the craft materials, including the directions, my samples and necessary items, such as scissors and tape.

I'm looking forward to a crafty holiday, and I'll share photos when it's all over!

Making beautiful ornaments doesn't have to be difficult.

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