alycewilson (alycewilson) wrote,

NaPoWriMo 23: Morning Swim

I'm writing two poems today to get caught up on the National Poetry Writing Month 30-day challenge. The first is about a place, based on the Wild Violet prompt to write a travel poem or a poem about a place: NAPOWRIMO 2020 - Prompt 23.


Vermont lake with tall grass and small farm buildings

Morning Swim near Cabot, Vermont

Fog-shrouded, I pulled
through the shady water.
Palms pressed together, then
thrust forward, sweeping back
to my chest. Frog-kick
through cool morning.
Glasses tucked away on shore,
I peered at fuzzy landmarks,
marking the distinct bulges
that never changed. One day,
a brown shape watched
me from the water's edge,
elegant as a deer, barely
moving. Then gone.
Plants, or fish, brushed by
my legs. I thought about

how alone I was. No one
but deer to witness. And how
terrifying that was, and yet
exhilarating. My arms
never tiring. Mind sharply
sprung by the chill water.
How the tingling dawn
grew gradually
brighter, louder
as I swam into day.

- April 24, 2020
Tags: napowrimo, napowrimo2020, poetry

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