alycewilson (alycewilson) wrote,

NaPoWriMo 25: Traveling North from Colorado to Montana

Today, I tried my hand at a concrete poem, in accordance with the prompt at Wild Violet, to either write about shapes or write a poem in a shape: NAPOWRIMO 2020 - Prompt 25. Hopefully, I can replicate it here on LiveJournal. If you're reading it on your phone, it's probably best to turn it sideways.


View from a car window of Wisconsin's green fields and wide blue sky

Traveling North from Colorado to Montana

                       of incredible
              bowl                       clear
      blue                                       cerulean
giant                                                        sky.
  that unmatched
  at last, in person
  an arrow, to see
  northward like
  straight ahead
       winding but mostly
       distant green spaces
       past the wide-open
     us through Wisconsin
   as my husband drives
 poised at the window
And me with camera
 abloom next to a pond.
    a halo of golden daisies
      mountains blued by distance
     streaking by my window
   for blurred fields
A wish for motion
Tags: naporwimo 2020, napowrimo, poetry

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