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What I Did Over My Summer Vacation

In the free moments I've been given, since all of our summer plans for trips and camps and such were canceled, I finally returned to a project that went on indefinite hiatus five years ago when my mother died. My second volume of poetry, "Owning the Ghosts," is finally available!

The cover of my poetry book

The best way to order it is through the link on my author website's Books page: For some reason, Amazon's done something wacky with the search engine so that the search results for specific books are notoriously bad, unless I suppose, it's a top-seller.

You'll also notice on my Books page a link to the book of my third great-grandfather's poetry, "Reading's Physician Poet." Dr. James Meredith Mathews was born and raised in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, and then moved to Reading, Pennsylvania (rhymes with "breading"), where he became a widely-respected physician and community member. He also wrote poetry, which was occasionally published in the local newspaper. The collection includes those poems as well as some other poems of his that my paternal grandmother passed down to me. The appendix provides a genealogical history of his branch of the Mathews family. I published this book in December, as a Christmas gift for my father and my siblings. I sent copies of this book to historical societies in both Doylestown and Reading who were greatly appreciative of the work I'd done.

The cover of "Reading's Physician Poet"

Enough about me. How are you all doing?
Tags: books, family, genealogy, poetry

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