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One Year Later

This coming weekend, The Gryphon and I will celebrate our first wedding anniversary and our fifth year together. We'll celebrate by eating out at Morimoto's, the restaurant owned by the famous Iron Chef. We've talked about eating there but never have, partly because you have to get reservations far in advance.

Here's a quick look at the differences between last year and now.

Our Wedding (Click to enlarge)

  • Last year at this time, I was busy with last-minute wedding details. This year, I'm beginning to write my book on wedding planning, My Wedding, My Way.

  • Last year, I was eating very carefully to make sure I fit my wedding dress on the big day. This year, I'm eating carefully in anticipation of splurging at Morimoto's.

  • Last year, I was buying and wrapping presents for all the members of our wedding party. This year, I'm just buying one gift: for The Gryphon.

  • Last year, The Gryphon was a full-time IT manager at an insurance company. This year, he's a contract employee for a Web design firm.

  • Last year, we were looking forward to a weeklong honeymoon in Disney World. This year, we're looking forward to a long weekend in my hometown for my high school reunion.

  • Last year it was unseasonably warm, just like summer. This year, we're already feeling some chill.

One thing hasn't changed, of course. I love The Gryphon just as much. I hope to celebrate many more anniversaries with him.

A year is both a short and a long time.

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