alycewilson (alycewilson) wrote,

LJ Idol Week 2 Voting

Another vote is taking place right now, one of no consequence whatsoever. It could, however, be a good distraction. LJ Idol, week 2 voting is live! I'm on team Luzon, which also includes the following individuals: adoptedwriter, bityjane, bleodswean, flipflop_diva, murielle, n3m3sis43, swirlsofpurple, uselesstinrelic. Votes for each team will be added up and divided to determine which tribe reaches immunity and which tribe must vote someone off. As I said last week, you can vote from a Dreamwidth account, of course, or use the Open ID option to log in from Livejournal and other selected other online accounts.

Read, enjoy and vote!
Tags: lj idol, lj idol survivor
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