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Suggestions Anyone?

First, I'd like to thank everyone who voted for me at therealljidol and got me safely through to another week.

This week's topic is open, so we can write anything we want. Gosh, anything? I don't know if that makes it easier or harder. I've been pondering the topic for about half an hour now (OK, some of that was taken up with a nap, as I was hoping to dream a good topic). I haven't hit on anything solid yet, but my general ideas were to share thoughts about self-esteem and/or weight loss, to offer up another amusing personal story, to write about my pets, or to write something reflective and personal.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Feel free to make them as modest or as outrageous as you want. After all, the topic is open. If I like anything you suggest, it may well be the subject of this week's The Real LJ Idol entry.

Now to walk the dog and possibly to free up some ideas.

ETA: I should mention that I'd like to write this up sometime tomorrow, so if you have an idea, please offer it by tomorrow morning at about 10.
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