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Halloween Decorations

Each year I document the more interesting Halloween decorations that my dog, Una, and I encounter on our daily walks. This year it seemed as if the displays were more pared down. Maybe people have less expendable money for such things.

I'm going to try something different today and display smaller photos. If you want to see larger versions, click on any of them. Hopefully, this will be easier on dial-up users.

Black Cat (Click to enlarge)

A ghostly cat and companions

Pumpkin Patch (Click to enlarge)

A pumpkin patch decoration, with price tag (in case you
also want one)

Pumpkin Bags (Click to enlarge)

Four carefully arranged pumpkin bags, with flowers

Skeletons (Click to enlarge)

A lawn festooned with skeletons and monsters

Green Witch (Click to enlarge)

An inflatable green witch dangling from a tree

Alms for Frankenstein? (Click to enlarge)

Frankenstein begs for your mercy. Or a quarter.

Ghostly Hag (Click to enlarge)

A ghostly hag haunts a lawn.

Flags (Click to enlarge)

A patriotic Halloween

Everyone's cutting back this year: a decoration or two will do.

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