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First Day

On New Year's Day, everyone who had slept over at The White Rabbit's house was pretty much up by 9 a.m. Batman also stopped in again, and he and The Warrior Princess went on a food run to get us a few things we needed for breakfast.

The Gryphon, meanwhile, mixed up a batch of pancake batter from a mix that had come in the Christmas gift basket from Mom. He waited until Batman and The Warrior Princess returned before starting to make the pancakes.

The White Rabbit also had a dozen eggs, so The Gryphon made scrambled eggs upon request, as well.

The pancakes were good but not as good as The Gryphon's homemade pancakes from scratch. I guess he's got me spoiled.

Table the day after (Click to enlarge)

Dining room table in the morning

Still, the mix was easy, and didn't even require milk or eggs. The Gryphon suggested that we buy another bag of it to have available for mornings when we want pancakes but don't have the necessary ingredients on hand.


The Gryphon makes pancakes (Click to enlarge)

The Gryphon makes pancakes

People also seemed to appreciate the fresh fruit I'd brought. The Devil's Advocate made coffee in his coffee maker. Of course, his only makes six cups at a time, so we had to be patient.

After breakfast, we all hung out, chatting about various things. The Photographer, The Cousin and their daughters had to leave early, since they had another commitment. The rest of us just lounged about. I had to work that evening, but not until 7. While The Gryphon engaged in conversation about the online video game, Eve, with Batman and another friend of The White Rabbit's who stopped by, I took a nap on the couch.

When I woke up, they were discussing plans to meet up with The Cheshire Cat, The Paper and The Court Wizard to get lunch. We were all to meet at a local diner at 2, so we got ready and split up into a couple cars, The Gryphon and I taking The Dormouse, since he knew the way.

They had a long table waiting for us at the diner, which I recognized as the same place we'd eaten New Year's Day lunch the previous year. I looked over the menu and, after confirming that the soup of the day, vegetable soup, did not have any meat in it (yes, you do have to ask this if you want to be sure, especially in Pennsylvania), I ordered the soup and salad combo. I wanted something light to make up for my splurging at the party.

There were a few snags with the ordering. For example, The Gryphon and The Paper were sitting right next to each other and had ordered the same sandwich, with slightly different toppings and different breads. The kitchen got the breads reversed, but they decided not to complain. There were a couple other minor mistakes that people either had corrected or decided to overlook.

We had a high-spirited conversation about such subjects as pop culture. I don't remember anything specific at the moment, but it was great to hang out some more with everyone, especially The Court Wizard and The Punster, whom I don't see as often.

Outside, we said our good-byes, and The Gryphon and I drove The Dormouse back to The White Rabbit's place, where we loaded up our car and headed home.

Una had been at the pet sitter's all night, at a little dog party, with the pet sitter's three dogs and another guest dog, as well. When I'd dropped her off the day before, she'd objected, but now she seemed reluctant to come home. It reminds me of dropping a kid at camp, who throws a tantrum when you leave them behind but then has so much fun making friends that they cry when you pick them up, too.

I was relieved to discover, when I weighed myself on my regular weigh-in day, Thursday, that I'd only gone up very slightly from the week before: two-tenths of a pound. Looks like I managed to navigate the holiday season without gaining any weight, which had been my goal. Now, it's time to get back on track, in this new year.


Robot snowman (Click to enlarge)

A USB-powered robot snowman someone gave
The White Rabbit for Christmas

Pancake mix is convenient but not as good as home-made pancakes.</font>

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