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Wedding Book Update

I'm not doing the novel writing month thingie, but I have resolved to spend more time working on my wedding book this month. Last week was hard, since I had a lot of extra work related to election coverage (I earn most of my money from transcribing cable news shows).

Yet, I still got a little done, and I'm now nearly done with Chapter 1, which is going to be much longer than some of the subsequent chapters. In Chapter 1, I'm discussing major organizational topics, such as figuring out priorities, budgeting, scheduling, themes, determining a wedding party, and figuring out who to ask for help.

So far, the introduction and chapter 1 combined come to a total of 8,802 words.

Also, I just send the audio file for another interview to my transcriber. I intend to work those answers into the existing chapter when I receive it.

ETA: Here's more about the book, for those who aren't familiar with the project.
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