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Seeking Input: Writing Inspiration Panel

My second panel at Philcon this coming weekend is related to writing. Writers, I'm interested in your thoughts on the topic. I'll give the description and then my questions. If you'd like to respond to them, please respond to me by midnight Friday.

Sun 10:00 AM in Plaza III (Three) (1 hour)

[Panelists: Victoria Janssen (mod), Andrew Breslin, Genevieve Iseult, Eldredge, Jim Reichert, Alyce Wilson]

What sources do authors mine for ideas?

  1. What sorts of things do you write?

  2. From what sources do you gain inspiration? Please be as specific as possible.

  3. Have your sources of inspiration changed over the years?

  4. Do you ever write without a clear idea in mind? If so, how does that process work?

Feel free to copy and paste these questions in your own blog, along with my e-mail address ( so that people can send me their responses. You can also send your responses as a message to me at my LiveJournal account, alycewilson. If you choose to post your responses in your blog, don't forget to e-mail me the link.

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