alycewilson (alycewilson) wrote,

Thanks, Universe

This week, LJ Idol had a "Free Topic," which means there is no voting. Everyone is safe but invited to contribute their response to the subject "The Giving of Thanks."

After a long day, I'm about to head back to the hotel with my husband, The Gryphon, and our doggie, Una. Before I turn in, a few things for which I'm thankful.

  • My niece and nephew running across the room to hug and kiss us hello.
  • Seeing my awesome brother and his wife in person for the first time in more than a year.
  • Sharing in-jokes and fun times with my sister and her husband.
  • My parents, who are friendly though they've been divorced for years, making holiday get-togethers like this possible.
  • My wonderful husband, who puts up with all the craziness and also let me use his laptop to do my work, so that I didn't have to sit alone in my dad's office.
  • Pet-friendly hotels.
  • The local Christian radio station, which plays mellow music all night long, without jarring commercials, to calm our anxious, barky dog in said pet-friendly hotel room.
  • The unspoken agreement between 13 adults and two children to handle all disagreements and obstacles with flexibility and humor, making for the Best. Wilson. Holiday. Ever.

I wish the best for all of you, too!

Tags: brothre, dad, family, gryphon, holidays, mom, nephew, niece, thanksgiving, una

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