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Are You Experienced?

By way of various people:

The Life Experience Test

Overall, you have partaken in 106 out of 169 possible life experiences.
Your average life experience score is therefore 63%.

The average score is 51%, making your experiences more than 81% of the people who have taken this test.
The average for your age group (36-55) is 56%.

Broken down by category:
Art: 10/17 (59%)

Career & Work: 9/13 (69%)

Civics & Technology: 6/7 (86%)

Crime & Disarray: 5/11 (45%)

Education: 12/18 (67%)

Fashion: 6/10 (60%)

Fitness, Health and Sports: 4/7 (57%)

Life in General: 8/14 (57%)

Relationships: 13/14 (93%)

Religion & Politics: 2/4 (50%)

Social: 16/22 (73%)

Travel: 5/20 (25%)

Vices: 10/12 (83%)

Take the test and see how YOU compare
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