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A Macy's Christmas

This week there is a free topic in The Real LJ Idol competition (therealljidol), where contestants (and others) are invited to write on one of the following topics: "Joy," "Holiday," or "Irish Revisionist History." There is no voting this week, but I invite you to read this week's entries, which can found here. I've chosen to address the topic "holiday."

When I visited New York City two weekends ago, I wasn't able to get close enough to the windows at Macy's to photograph them. Not so in Philadelphia, where I shot these images just after Thanksgiving, shortly after the windows debuted.

This year's windows are a toned-down version of the Macy's display in New York. Presumably, since these store windows are smaller, the Philadelphia window designers receive a smaller budget. Still, the windows incorporate a lot of moving parts, along with a narrative that tells an amusing, if fractured, sort of story. (Improper punctuation and forced rhymes are reproduced verbatim).

Macy's Window - Santa's Letters (Click to enlarge)

(on Photobucket)

Do you believe?

And so we come to Santa in his private lair testing and checking all the trimming, there.
See all those letters? They're from kids who know if you only trust what's visible, you're missing half the show.
The world is full of wonders and fun and mystery.
So ask yourself, "How much do I believe in what I cannot see?"

(My comment: Sooo, Santa's invisible? OMG, he's behind you right now!)

Macy's Window - Making Tinsel (Click to enlarge)

(on Photobucket)

What's the secret of tinsel's fabulosity?

Behold the Christmas diva, tinsel, and her crowning glorium.
It comes not from where you think but from a Tinselorium:
an enchanted apparatus, full of smiles and gears and presses,
that's activated by a secret mix and the most gossamer of tresses.
For tinsel is actually spun from things like sparkling Wit;
Thoughtfulness and Wonder are also part of it."

(My comment: I'm really glad they didn't end with the obvious rhyme.)

Macy's Window - Christmas Star (Click to enlarge)

(on Photobucket)

How is a Christmas star born?

O snazzy star atop the tree, how is it that you came to be?
Not by earthly fabrication, but by magic starification.
One part Giving, one part Elation — from this elixir, transformation!
Scooped and pressed the stars take form and with the basic shapes still warm
they're given a final polish and buff. If only you believe, that's more than enough.

(My comment: Who knew that baby stars looked like snot?)

Macy's Window - Making Snowflakes (Click to enlarge)

(on Photobucket)

What really makes snowflakes?

Gazing skyward, you might ponder how a snowflake comes to be.
Strange devices yonder spewing crystals endlessly
from a potion of Devotion, sparked with Generosity.
Little helpers keep things going with total professionality.
Can you believe that such commotion yields such wonderosity?

(My comment: Your rhyming fills me with animosity.)

Macy's Window - Making Ornaments (Click to enlarge)

(on Photobucket)

How ornaments get their dizzle-dazzle

Let us now unshroud a mystery: how ornaments are made for Christmas trees.
It's not what you think, nor what it seems. 'Tis more akin to the stuff of dreams.
A mechanism of arms and cranks gears and valves, rods and tanks
propels a mixture of Love and Charm... enough to bedeck a Christmas tree farm!
Doubt has no place on this winter's eve. 'Tis the season to believe.

(My comment: I'll take an ornament with extra Love, please.)

Macy's Window - Making Christmas Lights (Click to enlarge)

(on Photobucket)

What makes Christmas lights bright?

Here, dear reader, for your examination is the source of their illumination.
A fantastical device forms the light while miraculous ingredients add what's bright.
It's a fuel made of Trust, not electric currents, beaming Joy at all deterrents.
Believe... and you will see the very mystical, magical, extraordinary.

(My comment: The very mystical, magical, extraordinary what?)

Wishing you all a very fun-filled, wonderful, mysterious, invisible, glorious, witty, thoughtful, generous, elated, transformative, devoted, professional, loving, charming, trustful, joyous holiday!

Bad poems end when the poet runs out of space.

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