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Four American Idol contestants were sent home Thursday, the first this season.

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Many of the people who read this blog also read my husband, The Gryphon's (toanstation), LiveJournal. For those who don't, let me update you. He, too, met with unpleasant news yesterday, but in his case it didn't come from Ryan Seacrest or from Donald Trump.

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For only the second time this winter, we got enough snow overnight to warrant shoveling. It was still coming down this morning when The Gryphon and I went into the city for breakfast, and I snapped an interesting photo of a snow-covered bicycle.

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And finally, since I often post found items on Fridays, I'll share with you this child's drawing I found recently. It looks like the faces of The Gryphon and I when we got the news about his downsizing.

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Slight Snow

After celebrating Dad's 65th birthday with him, we drove back the next day to the Philadelphia area.

In the morning, after having breakfast with Dad, I walked our doggie, Una, around town. They'd had a light snow the night before, so I had fun taking pictures. Una, as always was game, allowing me to pose her in a couple places for shots I wanted. She always gets a treat afterwards, of course.

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I have toe cramps right now. TOE CRAMPS. I don't suppose I should be surprised, though, the way this day has been going.

It all started yesterday, while I was loading groceries into the trunk of my car. I saw a few flakes coming down and remembered the pile of leaves in front of my house. I had no choice but to get them up before they froze solid.

So I raked up four and a half bags of it, which is pretty amazing when you consider we don't have any trees. Heck, we hardly even have a lawn. But it's been windy the last few days, and the leaves had been accumulating.

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