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America's Next Author Results

While I didn't make it into the semifinals, I'm pleased to report that I placed 17th out of 461 entrants! Not bad, especially you consider that I started out this round in 90th place.

In the course of the contest, I also doubled my Twitter following, nearly doubled my Facebook author's page likes, and increased connections in a number of online writing communities. So all in all, I think I gained a lot from this contest.

My sincere gratitude to everyone who helped!

Last Chance to Help Me Win

The Wild Cards have been announced at America's Next Author, and I'm not one of them. I am, however, currently ranked #25, up from #90 earlier this round.

Please take a moment to read and vote, if you haven't already:


If you have already voted, please share the link on Facebook and Twitter. The voting ends at midnight tonight!

Thanks to everyone who helped me get this far!

NaNoWriMo Update

I've been a little distracted lately, what with Philcon and such. It also doesn't help that I've come down with a slight cold. Still, I got my new voice recorder working and managed to finish Chapter 2 yesterday.

I'm going to make a trip into Center City to pick up the Wild Violet mail with KFP and hope to get more dictated. Wish me luck!

4910 / 50000 words. 10% done!

In other news, they've asked us to answer a few interview questions this week at America's Next Author, so please stop by and check it out (and if you haven't voted yet this week, please do so):


I'm still in about the middle of the pack, but I've been trying to expand my audience. I've been networking on Twitter and Facebook, and I've sent out a press release through a multitude of free news release sites, along with sending it to all the local and hometown newspapers I could think of.

If nothing else, this experience is teaching me a lot about self-promotion!
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America's Next Author: Round 6 Begins

Round 6 is beginning for America's Next Author. Please stop by my author page at America's Next Author to read and vote! If you've already voted, you can now vote again. Very importantly, I appreciate all the retweets and shares. I'm hoping this may be the week, since I made a lot of new contacts at Philcon.

Thanks for all your support so far!
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America's Next Author: Round 4

Round 4 of America's Next Author is beginning, meaning we're starting from scratch again. Help me get off to a good start by: voting in the Quick Vote (right sidebar), writing a review (requires a free eBookAd account), and sharing the link on Twitter and Facebook. Don't forget: if you write reviews for four entries, you are entered into a drawing for a free iPad!

Here's my author page: http://www.ebookmall.com/author/alyce-wilson

I've also created a quick video to demonstrate how you can help.

Last week, in Round 3, I climbed up to 57, which was my highest placement so far, but I need to do much better to make it to the semifinals.
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How to Vote for America's Next Author

I've put together a short video on how to help me win America's Next Author. Since the ratings for Round 2 first appeared this morning, I've jumped up from #133 (out of 244) to currently #93, but that's nowhere near where I need to be. The top-ranked author for each round will make it into the semifinals, along with four Wild Card selections chosen by the jury.

Watch this brief video and find out how you can help me.

So that you don't have to cut and paste it, here's a quick link: Alyce Wilson author page