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Christmas Alice

Know Any Crafters?

My sister has requested a colorful shawl and an afghan for Christmas, among other suggestions. I was thinking that I've got to know somebody who makes such things and is looking to make some extra money over Christmas.

Here are some sample images of the type of thing she's looking for:








So, does anyone know someone who might be selling similar items?
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Paper Magic

The Gryphon and I left for Central Pennsylvania on Saturday to spend Christmas with my family. The plan was that everyone would get together for dinner, so we left in the afternoon.

We made good time, despite the holiday traffic, and we arrived at 5 p.m., which was actually before my Dad expected us. We set about getting our things unpacked.

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Crafty Women

This weekend was Girls' Weekend Out, an event some of my female friends started several years ago. It's a time when us women get together for a weekend, just us, and spend some quality time, whether it's chatting, doing things together, or watching chick flicks and drinking girlie drinks.

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