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SD Alice

It's a Wrap

On Saturday, we attended the Wrap-Up meeting for Otakon, held at the Radisson Lord Baltimore. Afterward, The Gryphon, Kung Fu Panda and I went to a barbecue at The Godfather's place, held as a thank-you for the Relations staff (including Guest Relations, Industrial Relations and Press Relations).

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Plastic Swank

Saturday was the second day of Com Con, the annual Otakon staff retreat, the day of the big business meeting as well as small group meetings and socializing.

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Snowy Meeting

On Saturday was another Otakon planning meeting. My husband, The Gryphon, and I carpooled down with The Dormouse and The Cheshire Cat. Despite tires that his garage has told him must be replaced at his next inspection in a month. The Dormouse's car handled well in the snow (except for a weird stretch of highway that was either icy or just uneven). We probably got about four inches total in Baltimore and somewhat less in Philly, almost none of it accumulating on the roads.

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Lack of Cream Pies

It was another busy weekend for The Gryphon and I, although this one involved work as well as fun. Saturday was mostly work, as we attended the election meeting for Otakon.

We got up bright and early, dropped the dog at the sitter, and arrived in Baltimore in time for the board of directors' meeting (The Gryphon being a member at large).

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Out of the Pool

Sunday morning at Otakon, I awoke with a shock at 8 a.m., realizing immediately that something was wrong. The light was wrong in the room; it was too bright. Indeed, I had intended to be in Press Ops by 7:30, but my husband, The Gryphon, had accidentally set the alarm wrong.

I called my lieutenant, The News Producer, and found out he was on his way. I gave him instructions for what to do when he arrived and told him I'd be down ASAP. I also fielded a phone call from the Rock Chick, who had arrived at Press Ops before either of us but who didn't have a key to let herself inside.

Then, after taking a quick shower and grabbing some portable breakfast (some multigrain breakfast bread with peanut butter and jelly and some fruit), I dashed off to the BCC.

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