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KFP 2013

Philcon 2013 Photos

Toddler ArtistView from the Gaming SuiteTaking in the ViewLost in ThoughtGaming and Fandom PanelAce Moderator
Fifth PanelistCatching Up with FriendsHanging with FriendsFeeling the ForceKFP Trains as a JediPaduwans Sparring
Group Fighting PracticeWatching and LearningLearning to BlockBlockingThe Force is With HimAt the Feet of the Master
Scene from 2001Pink Space ShipHalloween TrainGoth LEGOsLEGO Alien AbductionLEGO Version of TARDIS

Philcon 2013, a set on Flickr.

The Gryphon and I were panelists at Philcon 2013: he on several gaming panels and me on two writing panels. KFP came with us and had a great time with the kids' programming: training to be a Jedi, making a pet jellyfish, and creating his own Harry Potter-inspired magic wand. We also got to see some old friends and make some new connections. View the album on Flickr (or click on the thumbnails) to see the larger photos, read the captions, and see the ones that aren't included in this preview.

Via Flickr:Photos from Saturday and Sunday at Philcon 2013.

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Party Hopping

On Saturday, The Gryphon and I attended two Halloween parties. I went as Astrid Moon, a "spiritual advisor," a costume created from items I already had in my clost, featuring a floor-length blue caftan I bought in my hippie days.

Any other year, I would have had fun staying in character — offering half-baked advice or telling people their auras were really pretty — but this year, as soon as I walked in the door, people were congratulating me on my pregnancy and wanting to talk about it. Therefore, Astrid fell by the wayside.

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Shakespeare v. Zombies

On Sunday afternoon, my husband, The Gryphon, and I were invited to see a play with some friends. Of course, I simply had to go once I discovered the play was about Shakespeare and his company fighting zombies. To be more specific, William Shakespeare's Land of the Dead, written by John Heimbuch and performed by the Plays & Players company. As an extra bonus, Heimbuch would speak afterwards.

I went in with low expectations and was pleasantly surprised. Initially, I expected little more than people in Elizabethan dress getting bit by shambling zombies. Instead, we were treated to a textured, multifaceted play with plenty of literary merit.

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Final Philcon Moments

I didn't get a chance to finish writing about Philcon before the holidays, so here goes. When we woke up Sunday morning, The Gryphon was clearly not well. He told me that he had a sore throat, and he could barely talk. "Would you mind if I stayed home?" he asked.

The truth is, I would rather have had him with me, because I always love to spend time with him, and the weekends are our only real opportunity. I had to agree, though, that he should stay home and rest. After all, we had a long week coming up, including a trip to see my parents and the rest of my family for Thanksgiving. Since he didn't think he could go to Philcon and not talk, he thought he should stay home.

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Mod Halloween

I must confess, I usually plan my Halloween costume months in advance, but this time I simply didn't have the opportunity. So a couple weeks before the event, I went to the Salvation Army, on an unseasonably stuffy day, and browsed the racks until I found something that sparked an idea. The process was sort of like this: "Hmm, with the right accessories, this dress could look Mod."

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Graduation Party

On Saturday, The Gryphon and I attended a party held by The Green Man and The Linguist at their suburban home. The party was to celebrate the acceptance of The Linguist to the University of Penn to study language. This is actually the first time I've given her a nickname, although we'd attended a Halloween party at their home a couple years ago. As regular readers know, I often wait to assign nicknames until one becomes apparent.

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