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Serious Fun

Once a year, the Otakon staff get together for a weekend-long retreat of madness, mayhem and meetings. This retreat is called Com Con, for reasons lost in the annals of corporate history. I suppose I could have asked The Devil's Advocate, one of the Four Fathers who started this nonprofit educational enterprise 16 years ago. But I was too busy socializing and networking to worry about etymology.

My husband, The Gryphon, and I joined the festivities Friday evening.

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I'm too busy today preparing for tonight's poetry reading to do a full write-up of Saturday at Otakon. Instead, I'll share some previously unseen pics from Thursday and Friday.

Hopefully, my efforts to save my voice my talking only sparingly over the last day and a half will enable me to actually give the reading tonight. As usual, I came back from Otakon with a hoarse voice. Wish me luck!

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